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Resume database software by BlackDog, Inc.


Resume database software for recruiters and their recruiting software systems.  Wow! Try searching the internet for resume database software, resume processing, resume scoring, resume evaluation, resume testing, resume parsing.  Most of what you get are services for job seekers to help them in writing their resumes.  That is absolutely is not what we are about.  Also we are not about collecting resumes for our database or applicant tracking system that is a job for our recruiting customers and job boards. So if you got here with one of these objectives I apologize for wasting your time.  We do try to add clarity to our search words so we do not misdirect or deceive visitors but the Search Engine world is a very dynamic and fluid beast.

A resume database and importing to it is critical to any good executive search  software system.  We use Sovren .  We think it is the best available. Import any resume with our live demonstration of this recruiting software feature.  The demonstration does not show the complete picture of what we can do with a resume found from any source; web, email or your hard drive.  We can take that resume and:

  • Extract all the keywords you are interested in.  This parsing process will help you as a recruiter get to the right person quicker.  Please note in the last sentence I said 'right person' not right resume.  I will come back to this point later. When our applicant tracking software parse's or processes a resume it brings in all the contents of a resume as text.  This text is searchable for any word or phrase. Any staffing agency software system you buy should be able to do this quickly and without consuming valuable time from the recruiter.  Here is where we as recruiting software vendors get into the jousting of whose resume parser is better or more efficient.  Keywords are the means for making resumes stand out from the rest.  So what can I offer you as something we do better than searching sometimes thousand and thousands of resumes for keywords? Our recruitment software is able to pull out your interested keywords as the resumes are parsed into your database. The keywords are placed on your main Gopher screen.  We call this screen the profile screen. 
  • Determine the person's educational credentials and the year graduated.
  • Determine the years of experience.
  • Attach the original resume.
  • Provide a easy way to reformat the resume into your recruiting firms trade mark resume format.
  • Match the resume to your open positions.

Our resume database importing process can do all this quickly, accurately and most importantly organize the resume for you on our profile screen so you can find exactly what you are looking for in the shortest time possible.

But if you have been through this site already I think you know what I am going to say next.  All this technology to find and analyze resumes is useless if you cannot market to your client base.  I have quoted Gary Stauble on other pages of this site because he has been able to describe marketing for recruiters clearly and simply.  So much so that I have received his permission to re-print one of articles completely on the 3 R's of recruitment marketing.

Resume database processing news

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