Training check list 201 for recruiters using Gopher

Mark your level of understanding for each of the 13 exercises on this checklist. After completing the checklist click the submit button. We value and need your input to help you improve your recruiting performance and improve anything that will aid in the optimal usage of Gopher. If you need assistance or would like to review any function, please contact BlackDog Tech Support at 303.339.0305 or support@go4.bz. Gopher 201 is a prerequisite for Gopher 301.

Function description including alternatives and shortcuts
Level of understanding
RIGHT click usage and the difference between RIGHT and LEFT clicks
List 1 and List 2 usage and relationship to the rows above tabs and how they are effected by RIGHT and Left clicks
Adding job orders on Position tab
Changing information on a job order in the Position tab
Finding (querying) for jobs on the position tab
Person snap shot and company snap shot, their purpose and methods to view and change
Planner/Dashboard basics, adding, sorting linking to and from other tabs
Adding multiple Planner/Dashboard entries from other listing tools
Dashboard/Planner as a communication tool to other recruiters
Planner/Dashboard as a follow-up tool, to-do list and rolling calls forward or deleting them
‘Action Count by Date’ and ‘Actions, this date only’ features of Planner/Dashboard
Using the combination of the Planner/Dashboard and notes to communicate actions on applicants and clients between other Gopher users
Differences between the 'Report menu' and the 'Report button', with 'Report button' usage function taught here and 'Report menu' considered advanced training
Bookmarks adding, changing, saving, emailing and integration to other lists
Matches list and the interface to targets and its functions
Matches list and the interface to targets and its functions
How did we do in this training session?