Training check list 101 for recruiters using Gopher

Mark your level of understanding for each of the 16 exercises on this checklist. After completing the checklist click the submit button. We value and need your input to help you improve your recruiting performance and improve anything that will aid in the optimal usage of Gopher. If you need assistance or would like to review any function, please contact BlackDog Tech Support at 303.339.0305 or support@go4.bz. Gopher 101 is a prerequisite for Gopher 201.

Function description including alternatives and shortcuts
Level of understanding
Opening Gopher and using help
Adding a Client Profile record including copy method from tool bar
Adding an Applicant Profile record including copy method from tool bar
Changing a Profile record for applicants and clients
Finding records (query) and understanding the 'Find' results in list terms
Query (find) ability using the wildcard (*) operator
Query (find) ability using the or (^) operator
Query (find) ability using the range (: < >) operators
Query (find) ability using the null value (=) operator
Turning the results of a query into a Hot List
Understanding the record counts from 'Finds' and navigating them with the navigation buttons
Adding a notes including view, change permissions and sort options
Changing a note and the permission rules for the changes
Finding notes and the relationship of the results from the current tab record
Importing resumes using Sovren and the significance of keywords and synonyms
Finding resumes in Resume tab and combined Profile and Resume tab queries
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