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  Tough recruiting software questions for vendors

1. How long does it take to make a target list of applicants for a position?


2. Can the target lists be customized and be turned into a progress report for the hiring source and is it integrated to applicant tracking

3. How quickly can the executive search software refer to the applicant work list and work off of it? 

4. Can the calendaring system keep all recruiters informed on the status of and applicant or candidate without having to do anything except launch your staffing software

5. How quickly can notes be written to the resume database and viewed by all?  Do you have to go to special area to see notes? 

6. How many actions are required to see all the information on an applicant or client? 

7. Can the your work your doing be 'Book marked' so you can respond to an incoming call using the database and not loose your place after dealing with the call? 

8. How quickly can you get to your recruiting calendar and from there move to other information in the database? 

9. How quickly can it search 10,000 resumes for key words? 

10. How fast can the recruitment software break down a resume into fields in the database i.e., name, address, phones, email, work history, education? How much work is involved? 

11. How many optional ways are available to break down a resume? 

12. How many emailing features are there? Are they integrated with MS OFFICE? 

13. Can multiple resumes be emailed to the same hiring source with a single click? 

14. Can the resumes be emailed as originals or professionally formatted with the company logo's? 

15. Can any demographic of an applicant or client be identified and mass marketed to via email or hard copy? 

16. Can applicants be posted to the customers web site with a click? Can hiring managers search those posted resumes and respond via the web directly into the database with jeopardizing database confidentiality and integrity? 

17. Can job orders be posted to the customers web site with a single click? 

18. Can the interested applicants respond to the posted jobs and does the information automatically populate the database? 

19. How good is the automated matching of candidates to positions and positions to candidates? 

20. Can the records you are working with be exported with a click to other databases, EXCEL, MS ACCESS or Crystal reports? Can other databases be merged with a click? 

21. Can customers customize their reporting needs with MS ACCESS, EXCEL or Crystal? 

22. Can 'Hot lists' be made on anything you want them to be and will the Hot list' recognize any new activity in the database? 

23. Can salaries and rates be entered in the same field or are separate fields required for each? 

24. Are applicants and clients available from the same screen saving time going back and forth or does ‘Software X’ still use the throwback to file cabinets concept of 'Applicants here' and Clients there' which just about doubles the workload for the recruiter. 

25. Does the viewing area for data serve as the 'finding' and 'changing' area for the data viewed, saving recruiter time by not have to go somewhere else in the database? 

26. Gopher comes in one flavor which can run on a laptop, LAN, WAN and the WEB. It can use MS ACCESS, SQL SERVER and ORACLE as its database at no extra charge to the customer. How many platforms does recruitment software run on? 

27. Can the software run over the WEB?  How fast does it run over the web?  What kind of connection do you need to run if the executive search software is web based? 

28. What kind of training does recruiting software vendor provide? Do they charge for it? Gopher's training is at no charge and is unlimited. 


  © Copyright 2009, BlackDog Recruiting Software Inc.


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