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Following our conversation, this letter confirms our agreement with client name. If there are any questions or comments with the terms and conditions, please contact us immediately.

Finder Fee: client name agrees to pay recruiting-staffing firm name. a fee of twenty (20%) percent of the applicant’s annual starting salary. This fee is not associated with any bonuses, benefits or stock that may be part of the applicant’s compensation.

Payment terms: Payment for placement of a applicant is due no later than ten (10) days after the applicant’s first day of employment. In case a applicant placed by recruiting-staffing firm name. is hired on a contract basis, recruiting-staffing firm name, will charge a monthly fee of thirty (30%) of all monies paid to the applicant. recruiting-staffing firm name, is entitled to interest at a rate of 18% per annum on any overdue balances, with interest to accrue starting the applicant’s 11th day of employment. recruiting-staffing firm name, is further entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred to collect any overdue balances.

The applicant’s first day of employment is included for purposes of calculating the due date for payment, accrual of interest, and the period the guarantee expires.

Guarantee: recruiting-staffing firm name, will guarantee all applicants for the first thirty (30) days of employment. Should the applicant resign or be terminated within that time, with the exception of client name downsizing or lay-off, recruiting-staffing firm name, will provide another qualified applicant to client name at no additional cost. This guarantee is provided only if (a) recruiting-staffing firm name, receives written notice of resignation / termination within 5 business days of resignation / termination date, and (b) finders fee was paid when due.

Representation: client name agrees to pay recruiting-staffing firm name, a finders fee for any applicant hired within 180 days of presentation provided that the submittal by recruiting-staffing firm name, preceded that of any other source. The form of submittal shall include applicant’s name or resume via fax, email, voice mail, or phone conversation. If recruiting-staffing firm name, submits a applicant’s name or resume, and that person is already known to client name, you must notify recruiting-staffing firm name, within forty-eight (48) hours of submittal that the applicant is known to you: otherwise, a finders fee will be owed should a applicant be hired within 180 days of presentation.

Confidentiality: The identity and resume of each applicant referred by recruiting-staffing firm name, constitutes confidential and proprietary information and may only be used by client name to evaluate a applicant, and may not be used for any other purpose or provided to a 3rd party. The terms of this agreement may only be modified with a writing signed by both parties. Please sign and return at your earliest convenience.

Thank  you