Recruiting Fee Agreement Example One


recruiting/staffing firm name here , provides search and placement recruitment services to the industry served by search firm here industry. Our services include providing the Client Company, (hereafter known as the “Client”) with information concerning applicants whom you agree to consider for employment with your company. The applicants we present are obtained as a result of recruiting/staffing firm name here reputation, recruiting partners, and effective recruiting tools. Client agrees to keep confidential the identities and related information concerning applicants presented by recruiting/staffing firm name here to use the information solely for the purpose of Client’s consideration of these applicants.


It is understood by the Client that our recruiters work on retained, engagement, and contingency basis and as such a contingency search job order is worked on a "time/resource available" basis. Each order must be balanced against all the other orders currently available to the Recruiter. Because the relationship is nonexclusive, the applicants surfaced can be and will be presented to more than one Client. The Client has determined a contingency-based search is acceptable either because the open position(s) is not a high priority to the organization or the timing for hiring is not critical. The fee for our services is earned if a applicant is hired, directly or indirectly on a permanent basis or on a contract or consulting basis by the Client or any of its affiliates, as a result of our efforts within one year of the date applicant(s) are submitted to the Client. The fee is also earned in the event the Client refers the applicant to another company who hires the applicant or sources and hires a reference supplied by applicant or recruiting/staffing firm name here. The fee is contingent on the hire, not the referral and is payable if the applicant is hired within one year of the last referral.


If the employee voluntarily leaves, or is discharged by the Client within 60 days from the date employment or contract work commences for reasons other than corporate restructure, recruiting/staffing firm name here will make every effort to provide a suitable replacement applicant within 30 days. Warranty is contingent upon the Client paying full fee in accordance with the net terms of this contract. It is further understood that recruiting/staffing firm name here does not guarantee the performance of applicants.


Our placement fee for position(s) on a contingency basis is 25% (Twenty Five Percent) of the first year’s total cash compensation (excluding sales positions which are based on total base salary plus 50% of estimated 1st year’s commissions) or minimum total contract compensation (excluding per diems), as agreed upon at the time of hiring as accepted by the applicant, Client, and recruiting/staffing firm name here. The first year’s total compensation can only be confirmed after the employer has made a specific offer in writing by fax, postal mail, or authorized email transmission; and the applicant has accepted, and signed the offer of employment letter.


recruiting/staffing firm name here will contact both the Client and the applicant to review the conditions of employment or contract work when a bona fide offer of employment or contract has been tendered and accepted. recruiting/staffing firm name here will confirm the specific placement fee based on salary and/or hourly and/or draw and commissions (if applicable). The Client must fax a copy of the signed offer letter immediately to recruiting/staffing firm name here upon receiving a signed acceptance of the offer from the applicant. The Client will be invoiced for the placement when it has been determined by recruiting/staffing firm name here that the offer has been tendered and accepted. Terms are net fifteen (15) days from the applicant’s start date. Invoices that are not paid in full by the due date are subject to a late fee charge of 1.5% per month (18% per year) on the unpaid balance until paid. In the event a third party is required for collection of a debt, recruiting/staffing firm name here will be entitled to collection, court costs and reasonable attorney fees in the state where the placement occurred.


Acceptance of referred applicants constitutes approval of the above Fee Policy Provisions with or without signatures on this document.