Recruiting Fee Agreement Example Four

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This agreement is between Client Company Name and recruiting-staffing firm It is agreed that recruiting-staffing firm will conduct a search for Client Company Name for Position name. recruiting-staffing firm will earn a fee if an applicant is hired as an employee or consultant, either directly or indirectly, within one year of our referral. The fee structure is based on the applicant’s job title as an employee or consultant:

In-Restaurant Positions

Assistant Manager $3,500.00
Kitchen Manager $3,500.00
General Manager $4,000.00

Corporate office Positions

Manager Level 10%
Director Level 15%
Vice President Level 20%
Senior Vice President and Above 25%

To aid in evaluating each applicant, a probation period of 90 days is offered with every placement. Should termination occur, for any reason during the first 90 days of employment, recruiting-staffing firm will replace the applicant One Time at no additional charge to your company. This guarantee shall be void if payment is not received within thirty (45) business days of the employee’s first day of employment. This agreement is acceptable and binding upon both parties listed below when signed and dated.

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