Recruiting  Services

BlackDog offers a complete range of computing services ranging from recruiting or staffing software, recruiting training, marketing, SEO web page optimization to our 25 years of blue ribbon support.

Support includes not only our guarantee that we will be available within 4 business hours but includes support that goes beyond the staffing software supplied by BlackDog because if your Outlook email is down or you have connectivity problems than your recruitment software cannot be very useful.

When you look at your website, ask yourself the following questions:

1.  Is your website a recruiting tool or is it just another fancy business card that you hand out to prospects?

2.  Can applicants/candidates and clients find your website via Google or do they need a road map from you?

3. Can applicants interact with your website regarding status and job search activity?

4. Can clients interact with your website regarding applicant/candidate prospects for open positions?

5. Is your website a good marketing tool generating both applicant/candidate and client leads?

 If your answer is 'No' or 'I don't know' to any of the questions above then BlackDog can help you improve your website to bolster your recruiting efforts.


Award winning support

 recruiting services

  • How quickly can the customer reach someone?
  • How much recruiting knowledge does support person have?
  • How much empathy does the support person have for the recruiter’s problem?
  • How much confidence does the recruiter have after the support call?
  • How much time has elapsed between problem and resolution?
  • How many tiers of people before the problem gets resolved?
  • Is there a quality check initiative in the customer support program?