Recruiting  Desktop

Recruitment software must save time for the recruiter! Any extra clicks to search or see more information is stealing money from the recruiter and the staffing firm. Gopher's desktop is designed to show you as much information as possible in one place, giving you quick and easy shortcuts to get to related information.  Gopher's desktop is centered around a core screen called a profile.  The profile is a thumbnail of an applicant or client's critical data like their contact information, title and key words related to their background or hiring tendencies. 


The core hub of Gopher is always open and "hot".  By "hot" we mean the hub interacts in live mode with the six basic listing tools shown here; Bookmarks, Candidate and Position Target Lists, Hot Lists, Matching Lists and the Folder View.  The lists are all connected to Outlook and from them you can email one person or broadcast hundreds of personalized emails - all with just a few clicks. The lists can also talk to each other with simple drag and drop movements or pull down menus.


There is no need to close or back up to do your next logical recruiting step with Gopher because the lists and hub are simultaneously viewable and have live interaction.   With Gopher's desktop, the recruiter can spend more time finding and sourcing applicants, talking to client prospects and making placements!



Hub and Spoke

Interactive Lists