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Gopher for recruiters - Cloud Hosted

This product runs via an internet connection but without the security risks of a web server. The product contains all latest features and updates and is a complete recruiting system including ATS, CRM, Sales and Contact management. It contains a complete MS Outlook Interface that records all emails received or sent that are pertinent to the recruitment process without extra effort by the user.

Gopher for recruiters - Self Hosted
This is the same Gopher product as above except the customer has the licensed the product. The licensed product can be deployed on any Windows OS. The product is ideally suited for large user communities and 3rd party recruiters wishing to "franchise" out recruiting specific or complete recruiting functions.

Both products, Cloud and Self Hosting have the same features and delivery methods. They are highly interactive with MS Outlook and a user interface that makes multitasking of searching, emailing and organizing projects easy and fast without the "switching" time loss. The user can easily be working on different stages of different assignments at the same time without having to re-open or close a project just because they were called to a different task. Multiple windows on your desktop have live interaction with each other. No need to close one to see results in another window.

The Sovren resume parser

The Sovren resume parser is the unanimous consent of executive recruiters as the fastest and most accurate. However it is more than just the best parser because it evaluates the resumes and not only provides a “Management Story” and provides competency words and phrases for gopher to use with ‘big Data’ algorithms.

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