Gopher For Recruiters

Gopher For Recruiters - Cloud Hosted

Gopher is launched from your internet browser. The pricing is $110 per user per month with a 30 day cancellation. The price includes Microsoft Office Professional, Microsoft Outlook, SQL Server, Resume parsing, upgrades, training and a guaranteed product support within four business hours and 24-7 support for server access. Conversions of data from other electronic media files are charged at negotiated competitive upgrade prices (cheap). Setup fees are $150 per company plus $60 per seat.

Gopher For Recruiters - Self Hosted perpetual license

Gopher is launched from customer's servers via local proprietary network or non-web servers under their control. They can be virtual private servers or any Microsoft server that supports Terminal Services and MS SQL Server. The pricing is a one time charge on a decreasing scale from $1650 to $275 depending on the number of licenses purchased. Support and upgrade charges are on a decreasing scale from $27.50 to $16.50 per month per seat depending on the number of active licenses. Conversions of data are charged the same as described above. There are no setup fees.

Gopher For Recruiters - Self Hosted un-licensed

Customers can on operate Gopher on a month to month cost basis with the purchase of perpetual licenses. The monthly charge is on a decreasing scale depending on the number seats from $110 to $55 per seat. Support, upgrades and resume parsing are included in the monthly charges. Conversions and setup fees are charged the same as Cloud Hosted.



Service Prices

  • Conversions
    Upgrades from other electronic media are charged at competetive pricing and negotiated after data review.
  • Customizations
    Charged on a per case basis and price depends on the general utility of the customization.
  • Website Integration
    Price is included in Gopher pricing unless customization or hosting is required.
  • Gopher Website Integration page Hosting
    $25 per month
  • Website design
    $200 per page
  • SEO Optimization
    Based on bid proposal and amount of ongoing support desired for continued monitoring.
  • Hourly Rates
    Standard hourly rates range from $55 to $175 per hour depending on the resources required.