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You don't function in the isolation of your recruiting software. Much as we would like to think that you spend your days in Gopher only, the reality is, nobody does. We use email and Word documents, Excel and the Internet as well as a myriad of other tools and are constantly moving between these tools as our day progresses. For some that means your screen winds up looking like a cluttered and messy desktop. So how can you streamline your processes and clean up the mess?  Like a skilled carpenter, choosing the best and most useful tools for your toolbox will help you make sure it's not too heavy to carry around.

Do I already have a tool that can do it? Before looking at new tools, take a look at what you have. We often find that people look for tools because they think that Gopher can't do something but most of the time Gopher can - they just are unaware of it or don't know how to use it.  Or they might look at a new tool because it looks cool.  Using existing tools is more economical and has a much shorter learning and adoption curve than brand new tools. Why add a tool to your toolbox when you already have something that will do the same thing better than anything else out there? 

Free versus paid? There are many free pieces of software out there. Most of them have a free version that is limited in scope and you get lured into downloading it because it's free but then they start the hard sell. Remember you get what you pay for.

Multipurpose versus single purpose? Some tools that are multipurpose like Gopher are designed that way so you don't need to lug around a big toolbox of other tools. Your data interacts in so many different ways, it doesn't make sense to have multiple systems to manage it.  Check our article here about Sales -vs- CRM software. But like a printer that also scans, copies, faxes and maybe makes you coffee in the morning, multipurpose tools can have a downside. If tools are not well made then when one thing goes wrong, they all go wrong.

Secure versus insecure? As many software vendors move towards providing software over the internet via a website, consider this. Like you wouldn't put all of your banking details in software that is accessible from the web by anyone who can hack, why would you do so with your recruiting database which is your life? Just Google "hack website" and see how many videos show up telling you how to do it.  Security of your data should be your primary concern with anything web based.

Well supported versus unsupported? We never quite understood how you can produce a product and then not support it. Have you ever gone to a website like Yahoo and tried to find a phone number for them? It's impossible because they don't want to be found. Make sure you get contact details, names and numbers of who you can call when something goes wrong or you just need help figuring something out. If they won't provide you with that information, look elsewhere.

Accessibility versus Control? This is a big deal that keeps getting bigger every day. With the biggest player in the market - Microsoft - moving away from desktop deployment of their stalwart applications like Office to web based versions, the first thing that managers and owners loose is their ability to control that data.

Why Gopher is the Best Tool in Your Recruiting Toolbox

Gopher is the Leatherman of the Recruiting Industry. It is the single most powerful tool you have for accomplishing your day to day recruiting tasks. Here are some of the ways that Gopher works with the other tools in your toolbox.

  Gopher already integrates with the tools you use every day - Outlook, Word, Excel and LinkedIn - plus gives you the option to post jobs to major job boards or via HootSuite to your social networks.

  Gopher has free training.  There is never a charge to call us or to have us help you with your Gopher system.  With over 50 years of cumulative Gopher experience, our staff is all US based and know what recruiting is all about.  If you want to schedule short targeted trainings or longer more comprehensive trainings, we can accommodate you.  Training is for you to make the most of your tool.

  Gopher allows managers and owners to be in control of your data at all times. We have settings that allow you to control who can delete or export data as well as other security controls to make sure your data is protected. Your database is the life of your recruiting business so why leave its security up to chance?

  Gopher can be deployed in a secured remote Gopher Desktop environment that doesn't hang your data out for the entire internet to see, yet is accessible by you from anywhere in the world. The Gopher Desktop gives you ultimate flexibility to grow your business by hiring recruiters who are great, no matter where they are located.  For information about our Gopher Desktop service, click here.

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