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Scientists like to judge the intelligence of a species using lots of criteria: vanity (mirror self-recognition), ADD levels, and ability to push a button.


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Way back in Number 34 we published 'Options and More Options - Part 2'. Finally we found room for Part 3.

Many of our clients come to us puzzled about why Gopher has so many options. They want one way to do things easily and quickly, but they want it to be their way. Their way and a different recruiter's way (even within their same organization) may not be even close to the same thing.  Hence the need for lots of options for how to use your powerful Gopher tool. Using and knowing the options for any tool can be a time saver and money maker for the recruiter using the tool. 

One of the highest demonstrations of intelligence is the ability to use tools. In this sense a tool or tool option can be just about anything from a stick used by a gorilla to poke and annoy his sister to the social network pages you use to poke (and hopefully NOT annoy) your applicants and clients.

Almost every tool ever built has optional ways for its use so the user can make something better or get it done faster. Some optional uses are by design, some are unintended and some just evolve.

Here is a great example of a tool and optional uses:
Originally employed as a weapon of war.
Added Option:
Claw at the back to pull out the nail you just drove in crooked.
Evolved Option:
Used as an ultimate tool to unfreeze frozen iPhones so they will never freeze again.

As you can see, intended use and ultimate use might not yield the same result but, in the end, it is the result that the user wanted. People learn and use tools differently and we want to give you the option to use Gopher however it works best for you to give you the result that you want.



Command menu Gopher Options

On the serious side, Gopher has many options to getting things done faster or more accurately which leads to being faster overall.  Here are five more from the 'Options' menu.

  •   Constant Phone View This is a toggle to turn on or off the display of the current person's phone numbers at the bottom of the Gopher screen no matter which tab is current. This is a big click reducer. For example, if you are viewing a person's memos you do not have to click anything to view their phone numbers.
  •   Show folder view Brings up an alternative view of the all the current records available on all the tabs. BlackDog dedicated an entire newsletter to the special features of the folder view here.
  •   Show note type  On the bottom of the Gopher screen, Gopher notes are displayed and one of the columns is Type. Type is a way to label and group notes so you can find them by that label later.  Types also show up in the view of notes on the Company Snapshot and the view of all of the related notes to a job on the Job Target list.  Note types can indicate an email, follow up, left message, etc. and can be customized for your recruiting needs. Some recruiters place a lot of emphasis on the type of note and some do not hence the option to toggle the view on or off. 
  •   Show related job Similar to the function of Show note type, Show related job displays the job the note is related to.  Using this column allows a single view of all the notes related to a single job on the job tab target list. See newsletter about using the Job Target List here.
  •   Duplicate name checking  This allows recruiters to expand and contract how Gopher checks for duplicates when parsing resumes - full name, first and last name or last name only.

See next month's issue for "Options and More Options - Part 4"

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