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Number 5

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How to use a Target List

If you’re asking yourself “What is a target list?” then I am really glad I am writing this news letter! The Gopher Target List is a list of either positions that a person is being targeted for or a list of people that are being targeted for a position. 

Target Lists are opened in Gopher when you:

  Double click the red "Gopher #" on the position tab  - or -
  Double click the red "Record #" on the profile tab  - or-

single click the

  • icon on the left side command bar in gopher

icon on the left side command bar in Gopher

A Target List can be for an applicant - "list the jobs” -  or for a job - "list the candidates”.

Confused? Target Lists are designed to work from whichever direction you work your business.  Do you target People to Positions or do you target Positions to People?  The Target List can work from either direction and there are many advantages to being able to flip from a client view to an applicant view. In whichever view you use, it is more important to understand ways to use a Target List to help your recruiting process. The Target List being shown here is a "Candidate Target List" for a specific position.

Target List Features

Both types of target lists have the following features and uses. If you are not familiar with these features please call BlackDog.

  • Broadcast emails by selecting candidates or clients on the list. The broadcast emails can use the Gopher templates which allow merges and graphical HTML presentations, like this news letter.

  • Progress reports.

  • Drag and drop to and from Gopher tabs and the Target List. This means searches can be performed in the Gopher tabs and the results can be dropped on the list.

  • Synchronization of the list to the Gopher tabs. Clicking a row on the Target List displays related information on the Gopher tab. Or clicking a job automatically displays its Target List.

  • Style change from either a drop down list or columns with check boxes.

  • All the columns can be sorted by clicking on the column heading. The columns can be resized and visibility of the column is optional.

  • Many of the columns can be re-named by the user.

  • Target selections can be added to other Target Lists, bookmarks or the planner in batches.

  • Bookmarks and Hotlists selections can be added to Target Lists in batches.

  • Moving targets between target lists (exchanging)

Special Candidate Target List Features

The "Candidate Target List" shown above has two important characteristics that a "Position Target List" does not have. There is a menu item to bring up a "Matches" screen that provides the ability find candidates based on attributes of the selected job order. The matches screen can find, filter and sort on any attribute including location and keyword density. The "Candidate Target List" also has a menu item to show all the notes related to the selected job and the notes can be sorted in any desired order.

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