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With as many recruiting and ATS software applications available in the market, we are often shocked at firms that are seriously considering either leaving their established recruiting system for a home grown one or actually contracting to build a recruiting system from scratch. Would a surgeon operate on himself or make his own instruments? Does a pilot build his own plane? Do pianists build their own pianos? Why would a recruiting firm build their own recruiting software? It does not make sense unless the firm is global with thousands of employees and, even then, we would question the wisdom of the decision.

So why do some recruiting firms do it or even consider it? Maybe a successful firm has a business model that does not quite fit their current software or anything they have looked at. Or maybe the recruiting firm is a start-up and doesn’t see anything that fits its perceived business model. The watch word here is “perceived”. The firm has no idea how it will actually be functioning a year from now if it survives. The development process won't help either because it will detract from the focus on recruiting. Finally the worst possible reason is the owner or a partner prides him or herself on their own technical prowess and thinks they can do it better than established vendors. We cannot think of a better way to assure mutual failure for the software and the recruiting firm.

Why is a custom built system so bad?  The long range effects can be devastating because once the recruiting software monster is created it has to be fed and cared for. The money pits and resource drains start before the software is even done. Every time computers and/or software evolve to new heights your spiffy recruiting software stays where it was or you invest in yet another round of upgrades and retrofitting. Better hope those computer geniuses are still around to make the changes. Will your custom recruiting software pay its way by contributing more to revenues than other commercial software? It's doubtful. A pot of gold does not exist at the end of the custom recruiting software rainbow.

Ok, so what do you do if you have looked and looked and can’t find anything you like but you absolutely need some kind of recruiting software? Find the one that is the closest fit that is customizable to fill the rest or your recruiting needs. You can almost always find good software that will get you at least 80% of the way there.  Great recruiting software like Gopher will allow you to customize it to get you to 100% and truly make it your own.

Customize your Gopher to Make it Your Custom Recruiting Tool

Gopher is a highly customizable program with 60+ different fields and dropdowns that can be tailored to your business. Why the ability to customize so much? Because everything that you see on the main tabs of Gopher is searchable, we want you to be able to collect information that is relevant to your specific recruiting business and access it quickly and effectively. The key to customizing Gopher is to think about what data will help you find/filter/sort or otherwise derive the detailed information you need from your database to make your recruiting successful. If you’ve customized Gopher in the past, this might be a good time to revisit the fields in Gopher that you’ve been using to see if they are really working for you.

It's never too late to customize. Gopher is specifically designed to grow and adapt to the changing needs of your firm. Here are some examples of places and ways that Gopher can be customized to meet your recruiting needs.

  Every Gopher dropdown field can have the dropdown values modified to meet your needs. By taking out values you don't use and adding ones you do use, you will immediately see value in that data.

  Many captions in Gopher can be changed to reflect what data should go into that field.  The more obvious the field caption, the more likely the field will be filled in and filled in correctly.

  Optional dropdown fields can have the dropdown choices toggled on or off by using the F11 key when in an add, change or find mode or can be a combination of dropdown and freeform entries.

  By matching captions and dropdowns between your profile tab and your job tab, fields can be used in the automated matching process to get the most value from data you already have.

  Custom captions on your Target Lists define your recruitment process and track progress and results.

  Custom lessons can be added to the top Gopher menu to help your internal training.

  Custom recruiting tips can be added to the top Gopher menu to help new and old recruiters alike.

  Custom company associations and tips can be added so all users know who your best clients are and whether to recruit from a company or not.

  Each recruiter can have their own custom hotlists, bookmarks and saved queries.

  Each recruiter can customize how they size and place the Gopher screens and lists for maximum productivity.

  And so much more! Contact your Gopher Support Team for details about these or any other Gopher features and we are happy to help.

See next month's issue for more great recruiting news and Gopher tips

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