News Letter - Options and More Options - Part 4


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ďTo be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."
 Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Did you know Gopher has more options than any other recruiting vender, including Bullhorn? 

We are on Options Part 4 and we have hardly scratched the surface of what Gopher can do.  Like our quote from Emerson says, "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." Bringing that thought into the hard-ball world of recruiting may be a stretch, but here is the point. Creativity is the genius of a good recruiter and more options means more creativity.

If you have to adapt the way you work because your recruiting software does not have the options to adapt to what works for you, then is that really a good recruiting tool?  Gopher would not be around today if we took this "my way or the highway" approach to our user's requests for features and options.  We just do not subscribe to what appears to be the new recruiting software industry's hidden agenda of "you must change because we know better than you and besides we don't have time to fool with your little quirks."

For example Gopher has over 30 options for importing resumes and we continue to add even more as technology and recruiting changes. From bulk importing large quantities of resumes to tailoring single resumes to single clients and ranking them to the specific needs of the job (which is far more important than just ranking a resume based on its own merits with no relation to a specific job), if you have a resume in virtually any format, Gopher can import it.  Does every recruiter use every importing option?  No, but every recruiter can find the option that works best for them based on their sourcing and recruiting style.

As a slight detour, did you notice our article links on the left? Each month we try to highlight salient articles to help you with your recruiting. We understand the need for acquiring valid email addresses because sometimes a name and phone number just isn't enough. This month, we included a few links on finding email addresses just to get you thinking about what Gopher can really do. Now on to more options.

Command menu Gopher Options

Gopher has many options for getting things done faster and/or more accurately which leads to being faster overall. Here are the last five options from the 'Options' menu.

  •   Include work histories  Job titles and company names are important in applicant searches.  Recruiters need this option to search for past and current titles as well as past and current companies.

  •   scrub company name  Company names can have many variations based on the way candidates put company names on their resume. Recruiters have this option to scrub out variances so they can bring candidates and clients together in same company.

  •   mark web fields  Gopher can post jobs to many job boards, social accounts and job aggregators.  Recruiters have this option to visibly see what information goes out to the world before they click the export button. 

  •   show email icon  Gopher has a single note location for every transaction between an applicant and clients.  Identifying email notes from other notes at a glance speeds up the recruiter's ability to quickly absorb the big picture.

  •   drop down type  Do you have lots of values in your user defined dropdowns or titles and are you tired or scrolling?  You can change the dropdown type for these fields to be multiple columned like your keyword dictionary.  Say goodbye to scrolling!

See next month's issue for "Options and More Options - Part 5"

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