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Old jobs - A Goldmine of vetted candidates

The true value of a good ATS system

Ever try to sell a recruiting firm? We have and we have helped some of our clients sell too. In the process, we discovered the three most important assets (beyond revenue) that contribute to the value of a recruiting firm:

  • The Employees/Recruiters
  • The Clients
  • The Database of vetted candidates built up over years

The real problem is that buyers see no tangible assets when they are analyzing a recruiting firm.  The recruiters could leave as soon as the business is sold or the clients may find other providers because the employees and owners have left.  So what is left?  Your database!

Now there are recruiting databases and then there are recruiting databases.  The truly valuable ones have a rich reservoir of filled and closed or unfilled job orders that have candidates that were considered for the positions. The filled positions are the very source of revenues contributing to the primary value of the recruiting firm.

But what about the candidates that were considered for the position but not necessarily hired?  If your recruiting firm considered a candidate enough to present them to the client, there must have been some vetting (or at least we hope so!) which means that, hired or not, they are still good, highly qualified candidates.

This is the primary difference between recruiters who rely on sourcing the internet for candidates and recruiters who rely on their database of pre- qualified candidates with track records of how their qualifications performed when presented to jobs.  One recruiter is only as good as their last placement and one recruiter gets better and his company grows in value with each job order worked.  You guess which is which.

Fill Jobs Faster - Gopher mining for pre-qualified candidates

Good work! You've got a new job order to start working or maybe your hiring manager just told you they need that job you've been working on filled tomorrow.  Eek!  Either way it is a challenge that must be met for a recruiter to be successful.  This is where Gopher's "search on anything anywhere on the same page" capability stands above any other ATS system. Here are the steps and hints on how to mine those valuable jobs from the past for the placement you're working on now. 

1) Go to the Position tab and search for similar jobs, but just don't just search by title because Gopher can search all fields on existing and prior Positions.  Use your imagination - that is what Gopher was designed for. 

  • Try different variations of the title using those the Gopher wildcard(*)
  • Search by location on the Position tab
  • Search by the hiring manager for past jobs worked for him/her
  • Search by keywords, one or all
  • Search by catch words
    If you do not know how to do these simple but powerful time saving searches, contact us!

2) Open the "Target List" for each of the Positions found in step one and review the complete history of the candidates considered for these positions.  You can see how far they got in the process - either hired or rejected - and the reason for rejection might be the very reason you would consider them for the job you're working on now.  Remember you can drag and drop each candidate from the target list to view their profile or resume without navigating off the current page of targets for this job!  That's right! Gopher is a one-page-does-all system.

3) Add the candidates found on other positions to the position you're currently working on - it's so easy! Bring up your Position on List1   and perform your searches from List2   on the Position tab.  Select the people from the old Position target list and click  "Add" on the target list menu and select "add selections to targets of ..."

A faster way to mine old job orders

Gopher has a shortcut! With this shortcut you can see a wider view of candidates over many job orders as opposed to one job at a time.

On your Gopher main menu you have a menu item called "Targets".  Click it and select Candidate Targets for Positions then choose a Position status and you will see a window of Positions.  Select a Position and you will see something like the picture below.

This is a list of all candidates in play for each Position displayed.  Again the one page concept of leaving the database open allows you to drag and drop these applicants to any of the Gopher tabs to see more of their details.

Select as many candidates as you desire by clicking the check boxes next to the candidate's name.  Make sure you have the job you're working on as current on the Position tab either in List1   or List2 .

Click the "Add" menu and select the Position you are working on from the list and Bingo!  All of your selections are now added to the target list of the Position you are working on!

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