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October 2011

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Keywords - More value from resume parsing

Do you have tens of thousands of dollars in your inbox just waiting to be collected?

No, we're not talking about your rich uncle in Uganda that wants to send you money. We're talking about the thousands of resumes you have received that amount to the legal tender of the recruiting world. The ability to read resumes and interpret them quickly is the most important fundamental ability that a recruiter must have. Even with that skill, it's hard to remember and find that one resume you read three months ago that would be perfect for the job you're recruiting for today. And when you do find it, you may have to dig through pages of resume content to find that one key thing that makes the candidate a good match.  Did you know that you already have a system that will help you wade through, input, organize, categorize, search and track the hundreds of resumes you receive on a daily basis?  It is your Gopher software with the resume parser and built in keyword dictionary.

If you say "Keyword dictionary? What is that?", then this newsletter is for you. Your keyword dictionary  can help you find gold in all the resumes you import. Gopher uses the keyword dictionary for every resume imported to match resumes to job orders and help you highlight keywords visually in resumes.  Gopher can recalculate the keywords in past resumes based on changes to the keyword table.  The keyword table is synonym driven so words and phrases associated with a keyword can be consolidated into a single keyword bringing thousand of resumes into clear singular skill view, quickly and easily.  The keyword synonym feature allows Gopher to more precisely match job orders to resumes and potential candidates.

Creating your keyword dictionary is easy.  Log into Gopher options and click the keyword tab.

Once the keywords are entered they help matching candidates to job orders in 6 ways:

  1. 1) Searching the profile for key words that represent more than just the exact word.
  2. 2) Using the keyword density buttons on the resume tab and resume editing screen for qualifying applicants quickly.
  3. 3) Using the "skills attributes" on the matches screen with the target list.
  4. 4) Right clicking from the Resume tab to the Position tab Causes a matching action of all keywords in this candidate’s profile to the required skills on the Position tab. A 100% match of all required skills must occur for a position to be listed on the Position tab.

5) Right clicking from the Position tab to the Resume tabCauses a matching action of all required skills on the Position tab to words in the resume. A 100% match of all required skills must occur before the candidate is listed on the Resume tab.

6) Automated matching will occur on all resumes imported and resumes matched on keywords will be attached to job orders.



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