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Number 6

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How to use a Matches List

In our Number 5 issue we talked about the Target List and a menu item called 'Matches'. Clicking it and then clicking 'Position matches’ on the sub menu brings up a screen called 'Candidate matches for ... the current position in view'. You should already be familiar with attaching candidates to a Target List via searches on the Profile tab or when importing resumes. (If not, please call us.) However finding candidates for a position using the 'Position Matches List' is a more complete and faster way to scan thousands of candidate resumes in a Gopher database.

Here are the advantages

  • Filter through many, perhaps hundreds of matches quickly without having to review each resume.
  • Gopher analyzes the position and provides helpful suggestions of what candidates you should search by listing attributes to check.
  • Filters the matches by criteria such as salary, distance from job, etc. for easy ranking and sorting.
  • Radius matching i.e., within 20, 40 or 100 miles of job.
  • Easy to use email broadcasting directly to possible matches.
  • Filter on hidden resume characteristics.


Shown on the right is a portion of the attributes list associated with the active position. As you can see, many different attributes can be searched for in Gopher at the same time. Highlighted here we are searching for candidates within 80 miles of the job and have a catchword 'Blue' in their resume. 'Blue' is just an example – you can search for any word or phrase relative to your search.

Once you have selected the desired attributes select 'Run' from the menu and you will get selections as shown below. However there is still more you can do to narrow down your selections.

The Matches

Shown below is the results of clicking 'Run' after selecting attributes as described above. Even though you had many attributes to use in selecting the best possible candidates, you still may have a list that is too big and unwieldy. Some recruiters may prefer a big selection because you can use the Outlook menu item on the screen to broadcast to all the candidates describing the position and use the responses as a filter.


Two of the many filtering columns are highlighted 'Job Distance' and 'Salary'. Clicking the column will toggle a sort from low to high or high to low.



Note: As always from any gopher list you can click on a name and drag and drop it on the profile tab to view the details on a specific candidate.

If your list is too big and you want to further refine your search, there are many columns to filter on but there are also still more 'special filters' you can get to by clicking the 'View' menu item

  • Distance from job - will show the column highlighted above.

  • Keyword density per job required skills - will show a column showing the number of keywords in each candidates resume.

  • Keyword density per attribute required skills - will show a column showing the number of keywords in each candidates resume but only for the keywords selected on the attributes menu. Call us for clarification.

  • Latest resume date - will show a column for resume date which can be sorted by clicking the column heading.

As you can see there are many functions built into the matches screen - all designed to help recruiters find the best candidates quickly. This newsletter only highlights the functions and is intended to arouse awareness in our community of Gopher users. Please call us for detailed instructions on how to use this great tool for your specific needs.

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