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For most recruiters these days, the "more is better" philosophy of building a database has led to big data databases filled with people that the recruiter has never actually connected with. Sourcing for new candidates via LinkedIn and other follow the herd type sourcing methods may bulk out your database but does it make you a better recruiter? The reality is finding people is easy in today's technologically based world but recruiting people is hard. So how do you nurture the people in your 50,000+ person database and truly recruit from it?

It is easy to explain how to nurture candidates but when you are talking about huge databases needed for your recruiting niche, most of the obvious nurturing techniques are impossible.

So what's the secret? Tier your huge database of candidates and clients so you nurture the best most often. Most importantly, take some time to determine optimum numbers of candidates and clients that you can personally work with. This is the more timeless and proven "less is more" philosophy. Connecting with a smaller quantity of people allows more time to focus on quality and more time to make and nurture those connections that lead to placements.

The optimum nurturing database size will vary depending on how good your recruiting tools are and how specific your recruiting niche is. These are not static numbers and as a recruiter you will be the gauge of what works best and how that will change over time. Good recruiters will see their placement numbers grow while maintaining their own ideal nurturing number balance.

Here is a story that brings this technique into perfect clarity. Once upon a time there was a very successful recruiter in Los Angeles. She was a working mom. Every day she stumbled in about 9am and ran out at 3pm to pick up kids. You always knew she was there because you could always hear her talking and laughing like she was chatting with her best friends at a bar. Should she have been fired for socializing instead of working? Heck no! She was the top biller! Her metrics did not make any sense. Her number of calls, emails, new candidates and clients were lower than low. Looking deeper into what she was doing revealed the secret of her success. She had only few dozen client companies and a few hundred candidates that she constantly connected with and nurtured!

Yes, all sales are about numbers and big data is important in today's world but not for the reasons most recruiters believe.  Big data is needed to make little data and become a recruiter not just a finder.

Bookmarking with Gopher - The Ultimate Nurturing Tool

What we explained above is no more than the traditional sales funnel that all recruiting systems should be able to do.  Start with the big data sourcing tools with good integration into large candidate and client pools like LinkedIn (top of the funnel). Import them into your proprietary database and start developing them into something more than a name and title (middle of the funnel). Engage with the more developed clients and candidates (bottom of funnel).  Build your nurturing database at the end of the funnel.  Gopher has an excellent tool for making and keeping your nurturing database and your sales funnel always actively working for you. We call it Bookmarking. Bookmarking allows the recruiter to put candidates and clients into special bookmark lists with a single click from your huge 50,000 people database and group them in any desired fashion.  Bookmark lists are individual to each user and can be accessed from the top Hotlist Menu in Gopher or by clicking on the most recent Bookmark list name at the bottom of Gopher.

BookmarkingScreenFrom these simple, easy to make, easy to use lists you can email, attach candidates to jobs or click a name and see all their details on a single page view.  For more information on Bookmarking visit our previous newsletter here or you can view the details in our online help menu or contact your Gopher Support Team.

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