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10 reasons why Gopher notes are special

Nothing beats the singularity of Gopher notes

Did you ever stop to think about looking for notes in Gopher? Most customers would say NO.  Why not?  Because they are always there!  It is often taken for granted that Gopher notes are visible and available when you need them. In many recruiting systems notes can be almost anywhere.  It is often a treasure hunt to find the note you're looking for or to clearly see the important notes made by some other recruiter. One of the cornerstones of Gopher's architecture is that there is only one place for notes in Gopher - they are always at the bottom of the tab you are on and if you are viewing a person's record you are seeing that person's notes.  It makes sense to always have your notes visible because data without notes is pretty useless.  However there is more to gopher notes than just this "oneness". Below are ten of the most outstanding features of Gopher notes with a brief explanation of how these features are advantagious to the recruiter and why the feature is there in the first place. We are listing them here as a review to remind everyone how valuable notes can be to your recruiting process.

  1. 1) Notes are 'sticky' - If you find and view a person's name on any Gopher tab, the related notes for that person are stuck at the bottom of the screen.  You cannot get away from the notes even if you move to another tab with this person's name.
  2. 2) Notes can be sorted on any column - Click any column heading and the notes will be sorted on that column low to high, click again on the same column and the sort is reversed.
  3. 3) Notes can be linked to memos - The column with this icon indicates if a memo record is linked to this note.  A note with a linked memo has this icon displayed in the row for the note. Double clicking the icon will navigate Gopher to the memo tab and display the linked memo record.
  4. Memo records can be linked to a Gopher note via the Gopher Outlook Add-In or via an update or add of a note. Updates and note adds display a dropdown of memo selections to link to when you click the dropdown button in the link column.
  5. 4) Notes can be grouped by job - The above note shows job number 3 in the Job column.  Double Clicking this number will automatically navigate Gopher to the Position tab and display position number 3.  Further if you open the targets for this position by double clicking the red Gopher # you will have the option from the menu to display all the notes related to this position.

5) Notes can be grouped by company - Double clicking the company name on the Profile, Position or Tracking tab will display the company Snap Shot for this company.  A menu option on the company snap shot allows you to view all the notes for this company.

6) Notes are automated - Many notes are written by Gopher and the Gopher Outlook-Add-In automatically when an action is performed by the recruiter.  For example, changing a profile name, sending an email, sending a resume, scheduling an interview or making a placement will all generate automatic entries in the notes for the subject person. 

7) Notes can be customized by type - Clicking in the Type column on an Add or Change to a note will display a dropdown to select and label this note as a specific type.  These types can be customized by the recruiter.  Having note types allows for faster retrieval of vital information and more informative reporting.

8) Notes can be searched - Right clicking the Find Button (magnifying glass icon) on the main Gopher toolbar starts a search action for notes.  The search method works like a search on any tab - just enter an example of what you want in any of the note columns and click the checkmark button to get your results.  Right clicking on the List Button will display your search results in a list view.

9) Notes are endless - There is no limit to the length of a note - just start typing and put in as much information as you'd like.  It is important that a recruiter has the freedom to fully document their actions without worrying about length.  Gopher is designed to handle large notes without bogging down or slowing Gopher's speed.

10) Notes can't be changed, edited or deleted - You can control each user's Gopher access to limit their ability to change or delete notes.  Why is this a feature? What a mess a recruiting firm would have if a recruiter were allowed to change, delete and edit notes!


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