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The workforce and the nature of work has changed rapidly over the past couple of decades. We expect candidates to be flexible, collaborative and innovative so why are we, as recruiters, still using recruiting methods that are none of those things?

Many of you will say that you have drastically changed the way you recruit with the advent of social media sites and LinkedIn. These may be new tools but the way we're using them are the same old way recruiters have always used information - now it's just in an electronic format. Instead of posting the ad for your opening in the newspaper or bulletin board, you now just place them on the online equivalent. Instead of a face to face meeting with your applicants and/or clients maybe you now do them via Skype or teleconference.  So how is this a drastic change to the core of how you are doing your recruiting? The simple answer is: It's not.

For many recruiters they are finding that the old ways aren't working anymore either. In a recent survey by Glassdoor, 68% of recruiters said they're dissatisfied with the job boards they use.  So what do you do when the old post and pray yields too many unqualified applicants or, worse yet, what happens when your post and pray yields no results at all?  This is the time to start thinking like and hiring Millennials.

If they don't come to you, go to them. Millennials have been brought up on technology. The Web literally grew to fruition as Millennials themselves aged and matured. Figure out where your target recruitment demographic hangs out online (not just on LinkedIn), then go there and interact with them to find out what they’re looking for. Social media makes it so fast and easy to connect with people online there’s no reason not to reach out. 

Don't throw away short resumes. Too many recruiters throw out short resumes thinking the candidate is a bad fit because they don’t have the right skills. But skills are transferrable. Millennial job candidates may not have much experience, but they’re young. They need to be given an opportunity to grow if they’re going to make a real impact. Recruiters should realize this before skipping over a candidate with a short resume, and dig a bit deeper.

Interviews don't work and you need to teach your clients that too. Instead of evaluating candidates on the skills and abilities they need to succeed in the job, interviews focus on standard questions the responses to which are often memorized. As a result, you get responses that have been rehearsed over and over again. If you’re looking for actors who can memorize lines, that’s great. But if you want to know if he or she can do the job, you’re going to have to look beyond traditional interviews. Give job seekers a real business challenge to solve. This makes the hiring process more interactive, and allows recruiters to tap into Millennials’ brains instead of focusing on words on a resume.

Recruiters (and your clients) need to step up and give Millennial job seekers a chance. If you do, you could open up a world of new ideas and perspectives and ultimately improve your businesses.

Some Things You've Forgotten (or never realized) that Gopher Can Do

Gopher has grown up on the web just like the Millennials. The product you see today is the result of over 25 years of feedback and input from recruiters just like you who have helped us decide which features to add along the way. Here are a few of the tools that Gopher has that maybe you've either forgotten about or never realized Gopher could do. If you have questions on these or any other Gopher functions, please contact your Gopher Support Team.

  Gopher connects to the Web and LinkedIn with just a single click. You can use the Gopher web browser to search online for content that you can then link back to profiles or jobs with just a single click.  Need to find someone on LinkedIn?  From Gopher simply click the LinkedIn link and it will take you there. 

  Don't see a dropdown in a field where you think it should be?  Click find, put your cursor in the field where the dropdown should be, then simply click F11 to toggle dropdown menus on or off.

  Do you need to put an appointment onto your Outlook planner?  From any tab in Gopher, go up to Outlook/Outlook Calendar and arrow over to Add appointment for that person. It's just that easy.

  Need to put a bunch of people into your Outlook contacts? If your ability to export is turned on and the profiles in Gopher have email addresses, you can add people to your Outlook contacts from any of Gopher's lists. From the list, simply highlight everyone you want to add to your contacts then in the list menu go to Outlook/ Outlook Contacts then arrow over to Add Selections and they will all be added to your Outlook contacts.

  By sending Resumes via Gopher and using the Tracking tab to track Applicant and Client interactions, Gopher updates both the applicant and the client records with that activity. You'll get notes on both records for resume submissions, interviews and placements, updates to your Planner for interviews and updates to your Job and applicant Profiles when the placements are made plus updates to the target lists as well. You can't track faster than that!

  Each person in Gopher has a snapshot that you can get to by simply double clicking on their last name on any tab where you see it in Gopher. You can add notes that are searchable and only a double click away. You can also double click on a company name anywhere in Gopher and get to the company snapshot where you can see everyone who works at that company, create a reports to list, put in information about the company and see all of the notes for everyone at that company all in one place.

  Notes are searchable! To search your notes, simply right click your search button and then put your criteria in the notepad section and click do it. Once you have the list of notes, you can right click on the list button to see those people in a hotlist. Notes can have standardized types and can have an associated job number too.

See next month's issue for more great recruiting news and Gopher tips

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