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Is recruiting easier than it was 10 years ago? Absolutely, positively NOT!

What? With the internet and all these cool tools and social networking connecting everybody to anybody, how can recruiting possibly be harder? For a recruiter it is like a lion sitting in the Serengeti with a million wildebeests running straight for her. It is more than likely that she will not catch a single one.

Cool tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and One Click job postings just make it harder to be:

"One person contacting 1000's rather than 1000's contacting one person."

The challenge today for recruiters is to narrow the focus on the tools being used, the clients being sought and the candidates being considered. That sounds a little like blasphemy in todayís world of 'Big Data'.

Gopher has many features that allow recruiters to use 'Big Data' of web based information and harvest it into the 'Little Data' of a highly valuable proprietary database that is completely under your control. 

For the 'Big Data' issue Gopher can mine the internet for any resume, any job board or any posting regardless of whether it is in LinkedIn, Monster or just a sweet tweet.

For our newsletters however it is important to follow our own advice and focus on a single feature. This newsletter reviews one of our Outlook features - Sweeping.



One important aspect of our Outlook interface is that even though it is completely embedded into Gopher, it is driven seamlessly from either Outlook or Gopher. It is like everything else built into Gopher-the customer wellbeing comes first with or without our product. What does that mean? It means that we recognize you don't work in the vacuum of your recruiting software so you can work in either interface and still get the advantage of having Gopher record your information for you. 

Sweeping is the ability to take massive content in Outlook and sweep it into Gopher and tag the content so that it can be useful.  By organizing the content into lists and categories, recruiters can quickly get to the information they need to find candidates and secure positions to fill. Sweeping is simply accomplished by opening Outlook, highlighting the emails or contacts that you want to sweep into Gopher, going into Gopher and clicking Outlook/Sweep Selected Emails in Current folder and following the prompts. Once the results come up, you can add the selections to Gopher as profiles and/or Memos.

Once Gopher is activated, Gopher can do this as the emails come in or out but many of our customers old and new have legacy or archived email that are rich in data if they can be properly organized for specific requirements.

Some advice to our customers - bring in your archived Outlook Inbox folders. Search them by content (e.g. title, skills, location) and sweep the results into Gopher and let the true value of a Gopher's highly developed ATS system bring you leads that are not first time introductions. Here is a snapshot that shows the results of a sweep and the possibilities.


See next month's issue for "Your Database or Your Life"

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