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Do it faster with Gopher shortcuts


 Copy Add: When adding a new client profile in Gopher's executive search software it is always easiest to find the company name and see if you already have a similar profile. If you do, adding a new record is a snap. Simply click the button on the Gopher toolbar.  The previous record will be copied except for the name. Type the new name and change any information that may be different.  Be sure to click to save the new Profile record. And the biggest short cut of all the "Right Click". Right clicking from any tab to any other tab always produces information that is relevant to the prior tab. Try it! If you do not understand call us!

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Repeat Find: To repeat a search in order to modify it, click the button on the Gopher toolbar. This is a time saver when you would like to narrow the search results by adding additional criteria. For example, you first perform a search for all Active Java applicants. Too many applicants are found, so you want to add a zip code range. Clicking the Repeat Find button will automatically put you in Find, and will fill in the criteria you last searched for, allowing you to add to it.

Record Counts: No more wondering if an applicant has a resume, has been submitted to a job, has been targeted for a job or has information in a snapshot – you can track all this and more from anywhere in Gopher! For example, when a name is on any tab, the record counts will display for that person on the leftmost side of the Gopher screen. You will see not only what tabs that person is found on, but also how many records on that tab. For example, you will see not only that someone has been submitted to a job order, but how many submissions there are. Simply click the icon to view those records. For an explanation of what each icon represents, position your mouse over the icon.
List 1/List 2: Each tab in Gopher, except the calendar, has the capability of holding 2 independent lists made from the Find command. Only one list can be displayed on each tab at a time. Above each tab, the name that is currently in each list will be displayed. You may click the name to get that record. If there is not a name in a list, … will appear instead of a name. For example, on the screen shot pictured to the left, Goldberg is on the Profile tab in List 1 and Kramden is on the Profile tab in List 2. To view Kramden’s Profile, click Kramden’s name above the Profile tab. A LEFT click to any tab, sets the tab to List 1 and will display the name's) previously on this tab in List 1. A RIGHT click to any tab is an action click. A Find will be performed for the name on the tab being clicked from and the results of that right click Find will go to List 2, replacing the name's) that were in List 2 on that tab.  




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