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Admit it. We've all done it at least once. Yes I'm talking about Googling yourself. The term, which has been in the vernacular for less than a decade, can strike fear in the hearts of many. What comes up on a Google search of yourself can make you blush either from pride or possibly embarrassment. Keep that in mind because while we're all Googling our candidates to make sure their online reputation is acceptable to our clients, your candidate is Googling you, your client and your business right back.

So what does your online reputation look like and why does it matter? First let's look at yours as the recruiter. What does your LinkedIn or Facebook page say about you? Do you have raving fans or disgruntled frenemies? If you're going to use these personal sites for your business, be cautious about what you post. Political or religious views can be an instant turn-off for a candidate with opposing opinions. Be your own moderator of pictures and posts that include you and think about them from a candidate or client's point of view. Ask your happy clients and candidates to post to your social media pages and sing your praises (reviews from your mom don't count). Likewise, watch out for disgruntled posts and get ahead of them right away. Once something negative is out on the web it's instantaneously in too many places to clean up.

Next, think about your company's online reputation. If you are working for a bigger staffing firm, you might have little control over what is online. As a smaller company you might have more control but big or small, you can always look for ways to bolster your company's standings. Did you make a great placement with the perfect fit where both client and candidate are ecstatic about it? Ask them to write a testimonial or review of your company and you as the recruiter. These reviews should be placed front and center on your company's website. Great reviewers should also be asked to review you on places like Glass Door or the Online Recruiters Directory. Don't forget to ask them to post their positive reviews on their own social media sites too. Complimentary reviews are much more likely to get people to engage with you than anonymous InMails.

Now think about your client's online reputation and what it shows the world? Job seekers are looking to social media sites, review sites and search engines to research the companies where you have submitted their resumes, sent them for interviews or gotten them an offer. In particular they are looking for an insider's perspective on working for the company. What is the corporate culture like? Do the employees love working there or have they fired people who are bad-mouthing their company to anyone and everyone online that will listen? A positive or negative review of a company by a former or current employee will have more weight than a random person reviewing a company, since employees are perceived to have more knowledge of the inner workings of the company.

As a recruiter it is important that you get ahead of the curve when it comes to knowing what the online reputation looks like for you, your company and your client. Don't make the mistake of getting blindsided by your perfect candidate when they come to you with negative online information and always be ready to shout it from the (internet) rooftops when you get that glowing review.

4 Ways to Keep Track of and Build your Online Reputation

1. Use Google Alerts to alert you via email if someone posts something about you or your company or your client online. Simply go to Google and sign in with your Google account and setup the frequency you want Google to check for new online references for whatever content you choose.

2. Use the linking option in Gopher on the profile tab to link web data to your profile including quick ways to get to your Facebook or Twitter pages or other pages where you are mentioned. With these live links checking up on your social reputation is simply a click away. For more information on linking in Gopher, check out this newsletter.

3. Promote positive online content by using email templates in Gopher. You can create multiple post placement email templates that can be triggered from your Planner in Gopher after a successful placement. For Candidates, ask them for reviews on Facebook or Twitter as well as written reviews you can use in your marketing. Don't forget to ask for referrals for any of their friends looking for positions. For Clients, ask for written reviews as well as for reviews on Facebook and Twitter and this is a great time to ask for more business. A great placement gives you good momentum to drive repeat business.

4. Use Search Engine Optimization to help your website gain in the Google rankings so you show up when someone searches for keywords that are relevant to your organization.

See next month's issue for more great recruiting news and Gopher tips

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