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Gopher has hundreds of options for recruiters. Twice as many as the nearest competitor.  There are ten options in the start screen alone.

Of course options are not of much value if they only add to the confusion and are hard to use. Don't you hate an application that makes you think 'Now how did I do that last time' and then you proceed to waste hours trying to figure out something that took one minute last month?

Gopher's options are easy to use and easy to find plus we add descriptions and mouse-over tooltips to make them even easier. Often times, users are not even aware of some of the options that Gopher has so starting this month and continuing in subsequent newsletters, we are going to cover all of Gopher's options. We will start with the top menu bar in Gopher going from left to right. In this issue, we will cover the options in the 'Command' menu.

The 'Command' menu options are mostly shortcuts for using keyboard keys rather than clicking with a mouse.  Many people find keyboard shortcuts useful because they can use an application with greater speed by keeping their hands on a keyboard rather than stopping to move and click with a mouse.

The first four options are Add, Trash, Change and Find.  These are simply alternatives to clicking these buttons on the main Gopher toolbar that do the same thing.

Command Buttons 

The next six options have shortcut keys; DoIt, Stop, Cut, Copy, Paste and View Current Query.

Shortcut Keys

  • DoIt - Pressing CTRL + P simultaneously is the same as clicking the check (DoIt) button .
  • Stop - Pressing CTRL + S simultaneously is the same as clicking the Add, Trash, Change or Find buttons to cancel an operation.

It is also the only way to cancel a Jump with the record counters.

  • Cut - Pressing CRTL + X simultaneously cuts selected text when in Change mode.
  • Copy - Pressing CRTL+ C simultaneously copies selected text when in Change mode.
  • Paste - Pressing CTRL + V simultaneously pastes text copied from anywhere on computer.

Query Options

View Current Query - Pressing F12 is a shortcut. With this option you can save any query you make in Gopher from any tab.  Also you can modify the query with advanced query syntax for Boolean operators LIKE, AND, OR, NOT LIKE etc. and then save it for future repetitive use.

Query History - Gopher keeps track of what you do on each of its six tabs and on each of the two lists for each tab.  So Gopher has a history of 12 queries.  Why is this helpful to a recruiter?  Because by clicking 'Query History' you can backtrack to what you were doing on the other tabs and figure out how you got there. It is similar to leaving bread crumbs on the ground while walking through a forest. Another valuable use of this option is in providing information to customer support for training and debugging by showing a better picture of what a recruiter was doing and how the recruiter got to the present state that is causing a question. How many times have you wished you could repeat an action to demonstrate an issue?

Saved queries - This is the by far the most important option and one of the reasons Gopher is named Gopher. Gopher can dig out information from anywhere but unlike a squirrel it can remember where the nuts are buried. Why is this important? How much time have you spent trying to remember how you found some valuable information or trying to explain to another recruiter how to find valuable information? With this option, you don't have to waste that time any more.

See next month's issue for "Options and More Options - Part 2"

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