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Gopher Target Features - Exchanges

The Number 5 Gopher Newsletter summarized the use of Target lists. This newsletter focuses on a small feature for target lists that many Gopher customers may not be aware of. On the main Gopher menu bar there is a menu item labeled "Targets". The feature was designed to provide a thumbnail view of any group of targets - either applicant targets (positions attached to an applicant) or position targets (applicants attached to positions). In other words, you can see a complete list of positions with a list of targeted applicants or applicants with a list of targeted positions all in one place!

Though this is great for information purposes, the real value in this view is the ability to attach applicants currently targeted to one position to any other position. This is a tremendous time saver because the recruiter does not have to repeat a search on a new position that has the same requirements as an old position.

The first step of the feature is to go to the Position tab and select a new position that you need to find suitable applicants for. If you are really skilled in Gopher you could select two positions - one on List1 and one on List2. Once you have selected a new position(s), click on Targets on the main Gopher menu (shown here on the right) and select the type of positions you want to view based on position status (Closed, Open, etc.)
After selecting your position status, a screen will open as shown on the left. Like most Gopher screens, this screen can be moved and its size can be adjusted and Gopher will remember the position and size for the next time it is opened. Each position is listed and the company, position # and position title is shown. The far left of the list will show a "+" indicating the presence of applicant targets. Clicking the + symbol toggles the display of the applicant names. The applicant names can be dragged to the main Gopher tabs and the position names can be dragged to the Position tab.

The graphic on the right shows the selection of three applicants, indicated by the checked boxes.  From the top menu shown in the graphic, clicking Add shows that the selections can be added to the ACCOUNT MANAGER and/or the CFO positions.  Both positions were previously selected on the Position tab.

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