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Summer is here and boy is it hot! Not only physically but politically and socially things are heating up.  Diversity is becoming a hot topic again and that got us thinking about diversity and diversification and how these relate to recruiting.

EEO is still a big deal in the recruitment but that line is getting blurry because of social media which you can read about here for more information.  This month we're going to focus on how to diversify your business (including hiring diversity for yourself).

In some cases if your recruiting firm is tied too closely with one client or one industry and that client or industry fails, your business will struggle. We saw this happen when the market tanked in 2008 and recruiting took a big hit.  Surprisingly that hit wasn't across the board. Some recruiters thrived while others struggled or left the industry totally because they were closely tied to a single niche that tanked with the market. On the other hand, being too diverse in your recruiting means you can be perceived as the proverbial "jack of all trades and master of none".  Are we predicting another market failure? Hardly however it's foolish not to think about how growth inevitably slows or stagnates. Plan now and take strategic action to make your recruiting firm more resilient through diversification.

Network with diversification in mind. As a recruiter, you need to be very deliberate about how you network. While you always need to strengthen existing relationships, you can add value to your company by expanding your network to include new contacts, new businesses and industries related to your current niche. Within your niche, don't be afraid to seek out variety. Use conferences, training sessions, trade shows and association meetings to meet new people, then be sure to stay in touch over social media. Utilize your Gopher recruiting software to track prospective clients and schedule your communications with them.  If you don't know how, ask us!

Promote your own staff diversity. When youíre hiring recruiters or adding to your sales team, keep diversity in mind. A diverse recruiting staff will help you locate, attract and connect with more diverse clients. As a leader, youíll also benefit from having a recruitment team who challenges you, offers you new perspectives and are up-to-date on what matters to potential clients who have similar interests and outlooks. Using the idea of hiring for your weaknesses can help you target additions to your staff that will not only help you fill gaps in your existing organization but can infuse your company with new ideas and contacts.

Diversify your activities to attract clients and candidates. Where are you active online? Where are your potential clients active online?  Find them and join their conversations. If your current social media campaign is working for you, that's great but donít forget about other opportunities where you can expose yourself to potential clients. A new strategy might include being active on a new job site or job board, pinpointing new advertising opportunities, or guest blogging for a new industry thatís related to your niche.

Diversify or die is the call from some. We don't think things are that dire but diversity will keep you moving forward while others stagnate and are left in the dust.

How Gopher Helps You Handle Diversity

Here are some ways that Gopher can help you with your diversity efforts. If you have questions on these or any other Gopher functions, please contact your Gopher Support Team.

  Gopher is customizable to hold whatever data you want to help you with different industries or segments of your business.

  Gopher has the built in capacity to create and run multiple separate database from one interface. Thinking of diversifying to a totally different industry? Let us help you setup a separate database to hold that data for you. This flexibility lets you hire and run separate segments of your business easily.

  Do you need to do EEO reporting for either your clients or for the Government? We have specific reports that you can run whenever you need to with just the information you want to report on.

  Are you interested in working on government contracts as a way of diversifying? Did you know that Gopher is a WOSB on the GSA schedule with access to thousands of state and federal contracts? We have done all of the hard work to be able to bid on government contracts and are looking for recruiting firms to partner with to share in these lucrative opportunities. Contact us for more information.

See next month's issue for more great recruiting news and Gopher tips

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