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Sometimes a little time spent learning saves a lot of time doing. "Easy" and "intuitive" does not mean better!  If it was easy why would someone pay you?

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Job Listings Go Everywhere

Once upon a time you listed your job openings in the classifieds for a few thousand to see. Now, posting your job openings anywhere on the web may get them seen by millions.

Is this a good thing?  Not necessarily.  What if you post a sloppy or badly written description of the position for the entire world to see?  Poor grammar, spelling or punctuation can damage the reputation of your business not only with candidates but with clients alike.  That type of damage is not easily repaired.  On top of that, new visitors to your site will be gone before you know it if they think you are not professional and search engine rankings now take into consideration proper writing.

In recent newsletters we have been describing new features in Gopher to broadcast jobs to big job boards like CareerBuilder and to your social networking accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google +. These are all great tools provided you have great content!

Gopher has the tools to make your job orders look professional to the millions who will see them via Gopher's job posting features. 

We also want to re-emphasize that famous axiom from the movie Field of Dreams.  "Build it and they will come" is absolutely not true when it comes to your website.  Build it and sit back and just admire your site and you just may be the only one who ever visits it.  It is imperative to your business that you take constant active steps to get your website seen. Here are some links to get you started. If you don't understand, call us!

Edit and publish good looking Job Orders using Gopher

In today's economy, there are thousands of candidates applying to any scrap of a job but you are still in business because companies are still paying recruiters big bucks for highly skilled people. In Finance, Health Care, IT and other special niche areas, the phones and PDA's for experienced people are deluged with opportunities.

So that is what recruiting is all about - getting these hard to find professionals to contact you.  How do you do that?  Often it starts with a well written job description posted in a way and in places that make you and your firm stand out from all the propaganda of your competitors.  You need to think about your job postings as marketing materials designed to elicit action from the reader and think of yourself as an advertising professional writing ad copy.  Like advertising, the more exposure you get and the more compelling you are with your information, the better your chances are of getting that 'sale'.    

Your first step is writing the job description well with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation but the next step has to be there also - Graphics!  Graphics get you seen.  Did you know that this newsletter you are reading was created and sent to you from Gopher?  Gopher has a built-in easy to use HTML editor so you can publish jobs with an unrestricted creative flair. 

1. Go to the memo tab and click the "Add" button.
2. Click the yellow html button
3. This opens an HTML editor where you can type or paste in your description, add color, change font styles etc.
4. When you have it perfect, click the source code button .
5. Copy all of the funny looking source code and cancel the "Add" by clicking the "Add" button again.
6. Click to the Position tab and find or add the job you wish to publish.
7. While in the add or change mode, click in the position description box and paste the funny looking source code into the box.  Be sure to click your Do It button to save your changes.
8. Publish the job to your web site with Gopher's web interface tools. If you are not using Gopher's web interface tools call us and we will show you how to activate them. 

Some other tidbits to think about when you're out on the web.....

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Since LinkedIn is becoming the must have sourcing tool, this article and video on hacking highlights a vulnerability that many recruiters need to be aware of.

Still more reasons to use LinkedIn

We can never say enough about the value of LinkedIn for recruiters but this article pretty well covers it.  If you have been thinking about using it, started an account but never went back to it or think you will be using it 'soon', here is the opportunity to really start embracing LinkedIn as another tool in your recruiting toolbox.


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