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 The Company Snapshot allows you to see all of the information for a company in one concise screen.  Activated by double clicking the company name on the profile, position or tracking tab, the Company Snapshot shows you who is a client or applicant, who reports to who, allows you to view all company notes, get directions, review talking points and much, much more.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of the Company Snapshot is that it is hard wired to the Gopher database tabs.  From the snapshot you can drag names to any of the Gopher tabs and drill down to the details of each person.

To further enhance company information in Gopher, new features have recently been added.  One of these is the ability to set your association with a company.  An association could be that the company is a source for applicants or it may be ''No Sourcing" because your relationship with them precludes using that company as a source.  Once a company is tagged as "No Sourcing", the company name is always displayed in red on any tab in the Gopher.  Associations are customizable. 

Below is a compressed version of the Company Snapshot.  The screen is mobile and can be moved and resized to help you use it in conjunction with the main Gopher tabs.  When closed, Gopher will remember the size and position of the snapshot the next time it is opened.  The bottom panel where the notes are showing can present multiple information types beside notes by clicking the Show menu.  The show menu stores and displays Talking Points, Benefits, Directions, a Biography and Demographics.

Other features of the Company Snapshot include the Type menu which allows you to label a company with a type that is then displayed above the company name on any tab. Company types are customizable. The who reports to who is easily changed by clicking a name and then clicking in any row in the "Reports To" column, in essence creating an organization chart for those relationships.  The reports to, entire snapshot and all company notes can be printed from the Print menu inside of the snapshot.

The notes are for the entire company and can be sorted in any order - by date, by recruiter, by job, etc. - by simply clicking on the column header.  The names in the "Name" column can be dragged and dropped to any tab on the Gopher screen for drilled down details on the person and, most importantly, the notes give you a great overview of everything that has gone on with that company.



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