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Many recruiting firms take a forked approach to how they deliver their recruiting services. These firms split the recruiting function into separate sales and recruiting roles where sales people work with clients to unearth job requirements and the recruiters find the applicants to fill those positions. But how successful can it be when it's like the proverbial one hand not knowing what the other is doing? We often see firms struggling in this scenario when the philosophy is that sales people don't really need access to the ATS system and they use a different CRM software or, worse yet, nothing at all.

Most small recruiting firms do not use this split model and the recruiter functions in both rolls.  It would be ludicrous for that one recruiter to put data into a sales system only to have to copy it over to a recruiting system so why would you take that approach when it's two people filling the recruitment roll?  It's the same data that needs to be used on both sides of the fence.

Using two systems may seem okay at first, but will get messier over time. You will build up large amounts of valuable information in one system that may not make it into your other and vice versa. This means you're going to have to check two systems every time you look at somebody. When you bring on new people, they will need to learn two systems which in all likelihood are fairly different from each other. Integration will either be limited, costly or non-existent and then there's the redundant data entry. Can you think of a more un-productive use of your and your employee's time?  Invariably what you end up with is one system where everything really gets done, and one system full of incomplete and incoherent information.

Imagine the management nightmare of running two systems and trying to get a full bodied picture of your business from start to finish? It's virtually impossible without one system that does it all including your reporting. Gopher's robust reporting, statistics and metrics aren't just for the recruiting side. Custom reports can be used to pull any information from Gopher to give you that comprehensive management picture you need for your business. 

But our ATS isn't a sales tool. WRONG! It's the best sales tool you have if you have the right ATS.  Systems like Gopher can handle all of the main sales force automation tasks with ease, provide single point of data entry and integrate the two sides of your business seamlessly. 

Using Gopher's Built-In Sales Tools

One of the most powerful ways to use Gopher as your primary sales tool is via the built in integration with Microsoft Outlook.  By being able to target market to your prospect lists with Gopher's robust mass emailing tools, track that marketing and record all follow-up with no more input from your sales force than sending an email, Gopher builds a comprehensive history from which any metrics you want can be derived. 

Here are some of the other ways that you can customize or setup Gopher to support your sales department and get the most out of single point of entry for all of your sales and recruiting data. Like most things in Gopher, these tools are available to you with just a few clicks.

  Track sales people and provide actionable goals and targets.
  Calculate closing ratio information designed to improve closing percentages.
  Support cold calling and customer contact records.
  Appointment scheduling and tracking.
  Sales funneling and pipe filling.
  Lead assignment.
  Calendars and to-do lists.
  Contact management.
  Knowledge base of sales (placement) information.
  Workflow management.
  Information sharing between collaborative sales departments.
  And don't forget your Gopher Training. Always free and customizable to your specific workflow, Gopher's training can help take your team to the next level in sales excellence. Contact your Gopher Support Team for details.

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