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What? Recruiters go to LinkedIn like moths to a flame and then die from the burns.

LinkedIn started in 2002 and we have watched it grow from a good sourcing tool to an even greater sourcing tool that recruiters now cannot live without. But now LinkedIn seems to be turning on those who have made its existence possible - recruiters. It wants to be the only recruiting tool any firm will ever need.  Isn't that called a monopoly?

Don't get us wrong -  the evolution of the internet into the only resource for finding and filling jobs on the planet is inevitable. There is no stopping it whether it is a LinkedIn or a bunch of Facebooks, Twitters, Googles, Taleos and Bullhorns coalescing together like galaxies and solar systems.

There are some very smart scientists that believe the internet is evolving to the point where it will be self aware. Move over Darwin!

Many recruiters have jumped on the bandwagon of using LinkedIn as their ad-hoc database to find candidates. What if you woke up one day and LinkedIn had shut down or shut you down? What would you be left with?  This is why having a good database that includes your LinkedIn information but is independent of LinkedIn is so important to your success as a recruiter and a recruiting firm. Gopher's upcoming LinkedIn integration is going to help you get to that place. 

Michael Overell wrote a very nice piece for ERE that puts it all together regarding LinkedIn and recruiting.  Also the 60 comments on this article are a must read for recruiters.  He compares LinkedIn to a parasitoid which lives off its hosts (recruiters) and then eats them.


LinkedIn Special Programs Adding Value for Customers

These special programs by LinkedIn are collectively referred to as API's.  LinkedIn has tons of them and they are being updated and added to every day.  Basically that is the problem.  LinkedIn no longer views the ATS vendor or recruiter as the customer.  Now they see us as the competition.

As an ATS vendor we have fooled with LinkedIn API's for years.  We have read hundreds and hundreds of their comments and answers to API questions and the tone is obvious. They claim these API's are easy to use.  Click this and take a look. Can you determine who is the customer, user or vendor? These API's are no fun and they always leave you dependent on LinkedIn's latest unilateral decision. Depend on them and you may just hose your customer base because LinkedIn decided it wasn't to their benefit to have this API work this way. So the bottom line is if your ATS system is dependent on LinkedIn API's be wary because you are walking on thin ice.  To combat this, Gopher has written its own interface and browser independent of LinkedIn that will be available in the upcoming Gopher V11 release.

This is a News Letter Not a Doom Letter

We want to end this on a positive note.  Recruiters can survive and prosper with or without LinkedIn. In another ERE article Adrian Kinnersley believes that "volume recruiters" days are numbered but believes the professional end of the market will always need third party independent market advice.  Third party recruiters supply that advice with a proprietary database, by being the one person contacting thousands rather than thousands contacting one person. See "Your database or your life".

See next month's issue for "Options and More Options - Part 3"

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