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Do social networks give you a chance to play on the computer rather than be a recruiter?

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Gopher has been upgraded to post jobs to GlassDoor

Posting your jobs on the internet can only help your brand image, the traffic to your website and your recruitment.  Gopher can now post directly to GlassDoor and we can integrate posting to Indeed and SimplyHired on demand.  Of course, as we said in the previous newsletter, if you get sloppy and careless with what you post you will most likely put your recruiting efforts into reverse and no Applicant Tracking System - ATS or CRM system is going to save you.

Before we get to posting to GlassDoor, here are three new Gopher features that we're working on and you'll see soon:

  • A new resume parser, Rchilli, which will give Gopher more resume importing speed and, more importantly, a seamless interface to import profiles from LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is very, very protective of their users and the road is littered with the bodies of cool research tools that delivered you LinkedIn content for about a minute before they got shut down.  Since LinkedIn is rapidly becoming a major recruiting tool we wanted to make sure that you can get the data out of LinkedIn and into Gopher without LinkedIn blacklisting you for scraping their proprietary information. 
  • An automatic user enabled Excel spreadsheet importing tool.  There are so many customers coming to us with research information in Excel spreadsheet format that, although we always provided the means and had the importing feature, we are re-engineering the tool for easier error-resistant use by recruiters.
  • We are working on delivering Gopher smart phone applications by the time of our next newsletter.  If you have an Android device, go to the Google Playstore and search for BlackDog Recruiting Software.  Right now it is just quick access to the myriad of information on our website but soon we will give you a way to connect to your Gopher Database via this app. 

How to Publish Jobs to GlassDoor with Gopher

1. Go to the Position tab and find the job(s) you are interested in publishing.
2. Click the far right List Button on the Gopher toolbar. This gives you a Hot List of your jobs.
3. On the Hot List select the jobs you wish to post using your Ctrl and Shift buttons with your mouse.
4. Click Export > Export Positions to Job Board > GlassDoor as shown above.
5. Enter your remote host name, user name and password for your GlassDoor account as shown here.
6. Click Ok and you're done!
7. Don't have a GlassDoor option in your Gopher or you want to post to Indeed or SimplyHired? Contact Support for the latest updates.

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