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Number 3

Gopher has great tools but how you use a recruiting tool is more important than the tool.


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Memo templates

 First! What are memo templates? Memo templates are templates that you can use from anywhere in Gopher to send emails to one, dozens or hundreds of recipients simultaneously, with just a few simple clicks!  Let’s create one now.  Go to the profile tab and query for your name and bring up your profile. If you do not have a profile in Gopher, you need to set one up. (Call BlackDog if you have questions on how to do this.) From your profile, right click to the memo tab and then click Add from your toolbar.  Click to the 'Memo Type' field and select TEMP (for template). Put something in 'Memo Tag' and 'Memo Title' fields and click the Do It Icon on the toolbar. Congratulations! You have just created a memo template. Granted it is empty right now and should not be emailed to anyone, but it is your starting point for powerful and dynamic ways to reach large numbers of people simultaneously from your Gopher. From this point we have to make a few decisions. Do I want to email out a spiffy HTML document with some emailing hazards or some plain text message with less emailing hazards? What you choose depends on your audience and your audience comes from the Gopher lists described in the June bulletin.

If your audience is already known to you and you are trying to inform rather than impress I say use plain text in the memo body. Also if reachabilty is important because of volume or timing I say use plain text. If you are strictly on a marketing bent and impressions or clarity of the message is important, use HTML. You are getting this document via Gopher HTML because clarity is the most important part of this message.

 The choice of HTML or plain text for the body of your email comes down to the big yellow “Memo Body – HTML Off/On” button on the memo tab. Clicking it opens the HTML editor where you can add colors fonts and graphics. Selecting save to Gopher in the HTML editor will save the HTML for emailing from all of the lists in gopher. Besides formatting type, you must consider the use of signatures, mail merge fields and links in your memo templates.


The 'Outlook' Menu item is available from the main toolbar and all of the Gopher lists.  It gives you the option to select a signature that will be applied to your email when you send emails from Gopher. In Gopher you can apply a different signature to use when emailing from each different type of list without having to open Outlook first. Please call us if you are unsure how to use Gopher's custom signature functions.

Mail Merge fields

On Gopher's main menu, when adding or updating a Memo template on the memo tab, you will see a menu item called 'Merge'. Clicking it lets you select merge fields to add to your template for clients or applicants or either. When you make a selection you can click and select fields like First Name or Company or Title.  After clicking say 'First Name' from the Merge menu, in the memo template body a funny <<A_profn>> will appear at the cursor point in the memo body.  When you do an email using that template,  that funny text gets replaced with the person's real first name!  The very reason these funny marks are called 'Mail Merge' is the email gets merged with real stuff from this person's profile. So what's the big deal? Imagine you are sending out 2,000 emails to some financial analysts with quality looking resumes. What do you think will get more response?

No mail merge fields:

Dear subscriber,

We have a quality position for a municipal bonds analyst do you know of anyone?

or WITH mail merge fields:

Hi Ben,

The last time we spoke in April you were a Senior Financial Analyst at Bear Sterns. Has anything changed? We have this position ...


Links are the core reason why social networking like FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn work. Putting links in your broadcast emailing is vital to any useful emailing campaign. Links in your email get you clicks to your web site. Clicks get you popularity (branding) and other links. Popularity gets you ranking in Google,  links from FaceBook, LinkedIn etc. or recruiting sites and directories. Links can be in the form of words in your email or graphics. Graphic links in Gopher HTML templates can go back to your website so when the email is opened a click gets registered to the whole world that your WEB SITE HAS BEEN CLICKED! What can I say? if you do not understand please, please call us.  We want you to be successful recruiters.


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