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Everyone is doing it. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the list goes on and on. As an industry and a society we have become consumed by the social media morass. Whether you are posting or reading posts, using social media as a tool for recruiting has become second nature. But should it be? Does it really help your recruiting effort or does it detract from your focus on the true business of making connections and finding good talent for organizations?

Some will say absolutely! We couldnít live without LinkedIn. Iím pretty sure that if youíve been recruiting more than five years, you did live without it and were probably just as successful if not more so without it. For those who are new to the recruiting industry, they donít remember that time and LinkedIn is the standard. What we seem to be forgetting is itís still just social media. What you see is what people want you to see. Like an embellished resume that highlights what candidates think employers want to hear, a LinkedIn profile is fluff not gospel. No matter how many connections you have on LinkedIn, until you build your relationship with that person and get to the true essence of who they are, they are nothing more than another resume gathering dust in the bottom of the old filing cabinet.

What about Facebook? Ah now thatís a different story. Bring up a personís LinkedIn profile side by side with their Facebook page and the true story emerges. Whereas people use LinkedIn to show their professional side, Facebook decidedly puts the social in social media. People are more likely to post about their social escapades, love life, politics, hopes dreams and aspirations on Facebook for all to see. So that raises the question: Should employers and recruiters be checking Facebook profiles before they make a hire?

As the hiring company, they have a lot at stake with a new hire and they may think itís their right to see if that personís personality is a good fit or if they will be an embarrassment to the organization. As a recruiter, it can give you insight into a person that you donít get from a resume or LinkedIn. As a candidate, that drunken Facebook picture you or your friends posted while you were on vacation could kill your job prospects. If youíre enforcing EEOC policy, the line here is not just gray but itís wavy and sometimes so blurred you canít tell itís a line.

The key is to remember that itís all subjective. What a person posts, how they post and where they post are all their prerogative. Most people still strive for anonymity and privacy on the web so pick up the phone, make the call, get to know them and then decide whether their social media postings matter, not the other way around.

Social Media connections to your Gopher database

No matter how many connections you have, it is imperative that you collect and track your interactions with everyone in your recruiting database so that data can be leveraged for continued and future use. We say it constantly in our newsletters: other than your recruiters, your database is the only thing of true value in a recruiting firm.

So how can you take all that social media data and put it into Gopher?  Here are just a few ways:

  Any link in the Web Site field of a Gopher profile is accessible with a single click on the Internet Explorer button in the top toolbar.

  Using the Internet Explorer icon from the top toolbar in Gopher, opens the Gopher Browser. Any online information you find for the person whose profile you are viewing can be linked with a simple click on the link button in the top left corner of the browser.

  When you click the LinkedIn button at the bottom of the Gopher profile page, it will take you to a search for their LinkedIn profile and once found, you can click the top left link button to link it to their Gopher profile. You can also see all of the data linked to a person in their link list.

  Gopher connects to HootSuite which can be used to push jobs directly out of Gopher to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media sites.

  Gopher is customizable to be able to help you track Social Media interaction. With adaptable dropdown lists not only on the profile but on the job and tracking tabs and in the note types, you can add values to track sourced data from your social media sites and interactions specifically made via Social Media

  From any LinkedIn profile, you can click the dropdown arrow next to the Send Inmail button, choose to export their profile to a PDF which can be imported directly into Gopher. For more details click here.

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