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Backup Daily!

Your Gopher database should be backed up daily.  If you need help with reliable consistent backups, CALL US!

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Gopher is a CRM/Sales system

Would you rather be one person contacting thousands or be one of thousands contacting one person? 

Marketing via email is still considered the most effective way of getting new clients and applicants.  Since Gopher is hard-wired to Outlook when Gopher is installed via the Outlook Add-In, Gopher is uniquely more powerful for recruiters because emailing, marketing and sales activities with applicants and clients are all done with the same swing of the bat. And you know what your swinging at because Gopher is a recruiting database demographically rich in content way beyond your normal sales databases that may have merely a title or perhaps a little bio if your lucky. Sure, Gopher can market to people based on last contact, title or zip code but that's typical sales stuff!  Did you know Gopher can mail merge over 45 different values tracked in your Gopher Database to create emails specific to each recipient?  Sales databases cannot do that and even if they could, you'd then need to "carry the baggage to the next plane" ( merge that content to your applicant tracking system) anyway.

Blackdog's biggest challenge is helping you, our customer, understand that learning how to contact thousands of qualified clients and applicants in your own proprietary database can be more important and more productive than making the next call or the next five calls or playing on a social network.  Would you rather be one person contacting thousands or be one of thousands contacting one person?  The answer to this seems like a real 'no-brainer'.

The image to the left is the Gopher menu for using Outlook seamlessly through Gopher.  For marketing and syncing the email memo templates, sweeping functions and bouncing are important.

What is sweeping?  The purpose of sweeping is to improve marketing and search capabilities by researching your existing emails/contacts for client and applicant prospects. Sweeping finds emails/contacts that may not be associated to a name in Gopher and provides the ability to add a profile and the email content. Selected emails in the current folder will be recorded in 'Swept Emails'. Selected contacts will be added as Gopher profiles or if a profile already exists a note of a 'contact' record will be added to the existing profile. Hint: You may have Outlook archive files (.pst) that may contain valuable leads and contacts. Original emails and contacts are unaffected by this process.

Marking bounced emails is also important because it helps keep your broadcast email programs under the blacklisting radars.

Now how do you want to sync Gopher to Outlook?  Using Gopher Options you can instruct Outlook to:

  • Add a Gopher note when emailing from Outlook
  • Add the email to a Gopher Memo
  • Set it to alert you when you email to an email address not in Gopher
  • Customize the search for similar email addresses in Gopher
  • Include attachments in emails as attachments in Gopher
  • Turn on a Gopher confirmation notice before Gopher adds a memo

Then you have the Gopher toolbar in Outlook. With it you can do a lot of cool things that help you sync your Outlook email to your Gopher database, keeping you up to date on thousands of your contacts.

Do you know how to use these buttons? If not why not? They will make you a better recruiter.



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