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Recruiting web site questions

When you look at your website, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. 1.   Is your website a recruiting tool or is it just another fancy business card that you hand out to prospects?

  2. 2.  Can applicants/candidates and clients find your website via Google or do they need a road map from you?

  3. 3.  Can applicants interact with your website regarding status and job search activity?

  4. 4.  Can clients interact with your website regarding applicant/candidate prospects for open positions?

  5. 5.  Is your website a good marketing tool generating both applicant/candidate and client leads?

If your answer is 'No' or 'I don't know' to any of the questions above then BlackDog can help you improve your website to bolster your recruiting efforts.  BlackDog has always had a free web interface built into your Gopher Recruiting Software.  This standard interface is provided as a template to get you started. BlackDog has now added a Web design and interface department to it's growing list of BlackDog recruiting Services to expand our startup templates into powerful recruiting and marketing tools.  

Blackdog's standard interface allows you to post jobs to your website as well as receive applications from candidates who submit information via your website.   This capability is a powerful feature and a must have for any recruiter in today's world of recruiting and recruiting software tools. However this is just a start.



Consider what a custom built application form could do for you.  Designed to your own recruiting niche, a custom website interface can save you significant time when qualifying applicants.  But BlackDog web services don't end here.  We can design your website to generate more search engine traffic as well as streamline your applicant and client dialogues by providing them edit and view access to their own activity and data from your Gopher Recruiting Software database. We can make you a recognized recruiting force in your market! Call us today and get free consultation on how we can build your website into a powerful recruiting tool.


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