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We have talked a lot about searching and finding candidates both in your own database and on the web because it is so crucial to your recruiting success or failure.  Do you ever think about how often you are placing a candidate that you found versus one that found you? And what about your clients? If they found you, how did that happen?

The dynamics of client and candidate attraction are wide and varied. Clients that found you and keep coming back to you for repeat business are one of your few assets. Since they are coming back to you because of your relationship, do you think they feel more comfortable with a candidate you have known for years or one you found on LinkedIn yesterday? The days of posting (a job) and praying (that the perfect candidate will apply) are over.  The bottom line is the most viable candidates have to find you in order to start and build the lasting relationships that make good placements.

The shift away from posting a job and weeding through the flood of applications is apparent when large companies start changing their hiring models. Take Zappos for instance. Zappos has axed job postings in favor of building a fan base of "insiders" (candidates) that want to work for them. They are opting for attracting candidates and building a relationship with them before they need to make the hire so that when they are ready to fill a position, they have a pool of candidates to choose from. And they are doing it without searching LinkedIn. As a recruiter, you should be doing the same for your clients.

In order for you to build your own fan base, the first key is people need to be able to find you. Here the finding/searching part of recruiting is flipped as candidates and clients do the finding rather than you as the recruiter. This find occurs in three main ways: Referrals, Internet searches and Job Postings.

Referrals are the highest and best way for people to find you and the best way to garner referrals is for you to continuously connect with your client and candidate base. Reminding your clients and candidates that you are around via newsletters, blog postings or other ways of consistent contact will keep you top of their mind when they hear about someone looking for a recruiter.

Internet searches are the second way that you think people are finding you but how sure are you that people are finding you on the web? You may have a fantastic website but just putting up a website is never a case of "build it and they will come". Do you poll your candidates that come to you to find out how they found you? Do you actively have a way on your website for them to submit their information to you with their resume so you can start building that relationship? More importantly do you have your website positioned so that you come up on the first page of a search for recruiters in your industry? Getting found on the web is all about SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO is the Search Engine Optimization of a website so that your site comes up when people do searches using the keywords that are specific to your recruiting niche. Have you ever wondered why you get the results that you do when you do a Google search? If your first result is an ad then someone paid for that but the rest of the sites you see have gotten there by organic means based on the content of the site as well as other less visible factors. Optimizing a website for the best ranking may involve editing the actual content as well as the unseen html coding to increase the relevance of your keywords as they relate to your niche and how you want to be found. It also may involve creating or removing links on the web back to your content. Job postings will also increase your SEO if your posts get traffic.  Traffic to your website gets clicks, clicks improve your ranking and a higher ranking gets you more clicks. 

Beware! There are many SEO firms that will advertise that they can get you first page rankings on Google but they don't have that control and you could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars learning that lesson the hard way. If you want some insight into SEO, give us a call.

Job Postings

Didn't we just say that posting and praying is old news?  Yes but the shift is a gradual one so post on but think about a bigger picture in your posts. Job postings can be the best advertising you have for your business. Adding just a few more lines to your job listing like "we have other great jobs that you might be interested in" or "we want to partner with you so when you're ready for a new job, we've got one ready for you" can be compelling enough to get candidates and clients to notice you.

While job posting content is key, where and how you post your jobs is even more important. There are many options for job postings but the obvious answer is to post your jobs where you will be seen!

Gopher has some ideal ways to help you boost your visibility on the web via your job postings. Not only can you integrate your Gopher to directly post jobs to your website and directly import candidates from your website to your Gopher, you can also use Gopher to connect up to HootSuite and post those jobs simultaneously to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Gopher also has a great blog and we are happy to anonymously post your jobs and direct candidates from that posting back to you. Have a job that you are struggling to fill? Post it to our blog where you can be seen by other recruiters who might have just the right candidate for you. Splitting commissions on jobs with other recruiters can be a good way to partner and get seen in even more places and we all know half a commission is better than none at all! Check out our blog here and contact us if you want to post your jobs.

See next month's issue for more great recruiting news and Gopher tips

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