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As a recruiter responsible for keeping your database fresh, you are probably constantly reaching out for contact tools. A prominent one is Constant Contact but the name is a misnomer because it can be neither. Without triggers, there is nothing constant about it and it's not guaranteeing contact either!

Though Constant Contact is better than nothing, it is by far not the best way to farm your most valuable asset - your Gopher recruiting database.  Why?  Without direct links between your Gopher and your Constant Contact mailing list, nothing gets recorded to show you've made that contact.  Think about it.  You make a list from some form of demographic in your Gopher, send it to Constant Contact or some other mail house, they email it out and now what?  When you made the list did your database get updated to show you sent those people to Constant Contact with the time and the subject of what you're emailing out? 

Does your mailing house have a trigger of when to follow up or do you make a bunch of yellow sticky post-its of when this broadcast was done?  Heaven forbid, one of the yellow sticky post-its falls off your computer and follow up emails for your triple A candidates don't get contacted for three months and there is no recorded activity in your DB, because your trigger (yellow sticky post-it) got lost.

The bottom line is recruiting firms trying do consistent, persistent, quality and mail merged email uniqueness on their own with tools like Constant Contact will fail almost every time within a year. Worse case scenario is they will fail because they never tried. 

Gopher's Emailing Services

Gopher provides a customized annual email marketing service for a flat rate which encompasses the features listed below. Why do it on an annual basis? For any marketing plan to be successful, it needs consistency for the results to reveal themselves. One or two mailings prove nothing. Why just your Gopher database and not the whole internet? If you email large groups of people you don't have a relationship with, you're just another LinkedIn connection or worse yet, you are a spammer.  Why have us do it as opposed to Constant Contact or relying on yourself or your staff?  Plain and simply, it will get done, it will be professional and it will get recorded in your Gopher.  We will work with you to determine content and timeframes for each email category below. Contact us for more details and to get a quote. 

  Contact with applicants who you have not had contact with within a certain timeframe (90-120 days)

  Contact with applicants who have been targeted for jobs to let them know you are still working to find them a position.

  Contact with applicants who have had interviews but no offers offering interviewing skills and training

  Contact with all placed applicants to touch base and request referrals

  Contact with client prospects offering your services and skills as a recruiter

  Contact with clients with open jobs letting them know you are still working hard for them.

  Contact with clients who you have made placements with as follow-up and request for more business.

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