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Technology moves fast.  If you try to keep it up with all of it, you may fail as a recruiter so here is a little help.

I gave a demo last week and the main point of interest was whether Gopher provides the ability to send text messages to applicants and clients in a Gopher database.  This recruiter told me that the best way to reach their applicants and clients is via text messages which go to their phone, tablet and/or PC.  One thing I know for sure is the recruiting profession is in a volatile state and as a vendor we have to look at anything new - even if it fizzles out in six months.  Innovative technologies that provide the ability to connect and network with people need to be at the top of any recruiter's list.  Recruiters need to seize the opportunity of new technologies because, in recruiting, being first is the most important metric.  So with that in mind, I can see were a text message on a hand held could beat out an email.

I know we have been talking a lot about Outlook lately but there is more to Outlook than just email when you hook your Outlook to Microsoft Exchange.  With Exchange, Outlook becomes a supercharged recruiting tool that can, of all things, broadcast text messages! What will they think of next.

Communicating with a wireless device by sending e-mail messages can be awkward ó not all mobile devices can connect to an e-mail account and accessing e-mail messages on a mobile device is typically slower and more difficult than reading text messages.

An easier way to send and receive text messages is with your computer and Outlook 2010. With Outlook, you can send messages to multiple people simultaneously and a full-sized keyboard enables you to write messages more quickly and comfortably. And best of all, incoming messages are received in your Outlook and your Outlook is fully integrated with your Gopher Recruiting Software!

Be sure to watch closely in the next year as this new technology takes hold in the business world.  Currently, there are two ways to use text messaging with Outlook 2010 but more will be coming soon!

  • Use an Exchange Server 2010 account to connect to a Windows Mobile device running Windows Mobile 6.5
  • or subscribe to a third-party Short Message Service (SMS) provider using OMS

Features and getting started with Outlook/Exchange

If you want to start preparing for the texting revolution but you're not using Microsoft Exchange and Outlook 2013 for your mail yet, now is the time to make the move!  If you don't want to set it up and run it yourself (nobody wants to do that) there are a few companies out there that do Hosted Exchange.  Microsoft has started a stellar Hosted Exchange Service that has some unbeatable features at an incredibly low price.  For merely $4/month per mailbox, you get an enterprise level feature loaded product with a huge storage capacity.  Connected to Gopher, Outlook with Exchange is an unbeatable match. Stop using amateur non-business level pop mail and get all of these features:

Large Mailboxes

Each user gets 25 GB of mailbox storage standard and the ability to send attachments up to 25 megabytes (MB).
Outlook Support
Users can connect to their copies of Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later to Exchange Online, making it easy for them to use the rich client application they know and use every day.
Web-Based Access
For Web-client access, Outlook Web App provides a premium browser-based experience that matches the look and feel of the full Outlook client.
Mobile access is available from all phones capable of receiving e-mail, including Windows Phone, the iPhone, Android, Palm, Nokia, and Blackberry devices.
Shared Calendar and Contacts
Users can compare calendars to schedule meetings with Exchange Online and have access to collaboration features like shared calendars, groups, global address list, external contacts, tasks, conference rooms, and delegation.
Every mailbox is protected with premier anti-spam and antivirus filtering via Forefront Online Protection for Exchange.
Automatically archive old messages to a personal email archive to reduce inbox clutter, as well as reduce the liabilities associated with email by applying expiration policies.
Advanced Archiving and Compliance
Use legal hold capabilities to immediately preserve deleted and edited mailbox items from usersí primary mailboxes and personal archives.
Unlimited Storage
Take advantage of unlimited storage (25 GB of storage in the user's primary mailbox, plus unlimited storage in the user's personal archive).
Hosted Voicemail
Take advantage of hosted Unified Messaging services that provide call answering dial-in user interface and company automated attendant capabilities.

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