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Sweep Outlook emails and contacts

Gopher used to have a feature called 'syncing' which mass imported Outlook emails into Gopher. It was a good tool but the Gopher Outlook Add-in made it less important and it is was local in scope to the customers own Outlook which made it less than helpful to multiple user recruiting customers. It did have some really cool features of streaming emails into Gopher, so we rebuilt the tool into an Outlook Sweeper. We think it is going to be a hit with Gopher customers! The Sweeper can mass import emails by building Gopher profiles and then recording all the selected relevant emails into a memo record attached to the this person's profile! The Sweeper can mass import and build profiles from selected Outlook contacts! Contact sweeping is important because many social networking tools like LinkedIn offer exporting features to Outlook Contacts. Also many list generators and research tools offer exporting functions to Outlook Contacts

To sweep emails or contacts, select the emails or contacts in Outlook, use the Gopher Outlook menu and click 'Sweep selectionsí. This will bring up the form that starts the sweeping process for selected emails or contacts. Once the sweeping is complete Gopher will explain how many items have been swept into Gopher. If Contacts are being swept any contact found already existing in Gopher will not be added as a profile. A note will be added for this profile noting an Outlook contact exists.
Sweeping emails is different from sweeping contacts. Sweeping emails produces a Swept Emails form shown below. The form can also be viewed by selecting 'Swept Emails' from the above menu.
The Swept email grid will show names that already exist in Gopher by displaying a green check next to the name. The email items can be sorted by clicking the column heading. Selecting the items on the grid will add all the selections to Gopher either as memos to existing profiles or as new Profiles with emails added as memos connected to the new profiles. The original email will be unaffected by this process.

The sweeping feature will be available in the 2nd quarter of 2011

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