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     monster logo 63 million visitors per month

Monster has the most visitors per month of all the job boards and now you can integrate Monster jobs into your Gopher recruiting website.  Imagine the recruiting power of being able to connect with over 63 million job seekers per month!

Monster has the biggest database, is extremely user friendly and you can search on every possible criteria, just like you can in Gopher.  With Monster you can:

  • Manage Job Postings
    Edit, renew and post jobs—all in one place.
  • Manage Candidates
    Save and view resumes, use screening questionnaires to eliminate unqualified candidates and create and send letters to job seekers.
  • Post Jobs to Social Media
    Extend your reach to Facebook with a BeKnown ™ company profile. Claim your free profile and your Monster jobs will automatically appear with a one-time configuration!
  • Reach job seekers with Mobile Recruiting
    Get the attention of job seekers on the go. Create QR codes for your job postings and drive offline candidates to your jobs on Monster.

Now, Gopher lets you post, update and delete Monster jobs and links Monster applicants to your jobs recorded in Gopher.  Auto linked posting from Gopher to Monster means faster access to qualified applicants and faster hires both of which translate to higher quality placements and increased revenue.  

Setting up Gopher with Monster

Monster job postings cost about $225 per job and last for one month.  Monster also offers some great options like screening questionnaires, social media posting, and newspaper co-branding that are designed to increase the performance of your job postings.

Here are the steps to setup and dynamically link Gopher and Monster together

1) Setup a Monster corporate account when you checkout for a job posting or call 1-866-811-2458.

2) Request a user name and password from Monster by contacting Monster Customer Service. If you have started an account you can contact the customer service representative that has been assigned to your account.

3) Enter your job(s) into Gopher's job tab with all the relevant information that you want to post directly to Monster.  The Gopher owner of each job should have a Gopher profile email address that Monster applicants will send their applications and resumes to. The company name on your Gopher profile must match the company name on your Monster corporate account.

 If you have an application page on your website you may wish to send Monster applicants to that page.  Also, if jobs on your website are posted directly from Gopher, you can provide a direct link to your "Gopher Target List" from the Monster job posting. Contact us for more information.
Note: Special care should be made with these job descriptions.  Remember - 63 million visitors per month!

4) Once you have entered all the jobs you are going to post to Monster, make a Gopher Hot List containing these jobs (contact BlackDog if you need help making a Hot List).

5) Select all the jobs on the Gopher Hot List you wish to post to Monster.

6) From the Hot List menu select 'Export' > 'Export Positions to Job Board' > 'Monster'

7) Select the desired action from the menu: Add, Change or Delete selected jobs from Monster.  If you are changing existing jobs on Monster, the desired changes need to be made to the position on the Job tab in Gopher and saved prior to posting the change to Monster.

8) After clicking the desired action you will be asked to enter the Monster password acquired in step 2.  Enter the password and click OK.

9) A small window will appear asking you to enter 'Remote Host', 'User Name', 'Password' and 'Remote Folder'. Call BlackDog to acquire these values for the first time.  The entries are required only for the first time and will be saved for future Monster postings. Enter the values if not present and click OK.

10) You are finished! Be sure to go to Monster and view your posted jobs. Repeat steps 4 through 9 for any changes or corrections.

See next month's issue for importing profiles from LinkedIn and more top tools.

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