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Searching Gopher is easier than you think

Taking advantage of Gopher's funky query operators can help you find the exact match for your search!

More commonly referred to as Boolean, query operators (or more simply 'search characters') define the relationships between words or groups of words in your search.  These operators help you do refined searches on any tab in Gopher. Some of you have thousands of candidates in your databases resulting for years of sourcing to get just the right kind of candidate for your niche recruiting.  Big Gopher database are great but you are spinning your wheels if you cannot refine your searches to small enough groups for your evaluation.  For example, what if you have a job that demands x, y and z skills and you do your x, y, and z search and BOOM -there are 200 matches?  Reviewing each one is impossible because you have calls to make and clients to see. Ok let's just talk to the newest candidates. Good idea but how do I do that in a pure Gopher search on the profile tab? Answer:  use one of the funky query operators (>) in the profile date field as described below. 

Think of these special query operators like special tools used by your mechanic.  In the right situation, having the right tool can save both time and money.  In your case, the right tool can make you money when you find just the right candidate for your search.

Have you ever tried searching for a field that has nothing in it?  Trust me - sometimes you need to do it.  See 'Null Value Query' below. Sometimes you need a rough location search.  Why not just use the first three numbers in a zip code with a Wildcard at the end?

Here is a list of all of the query operators that can be used when doing a search in Gopher

Wildcard ‘*’

The asterisk, *, is the most commonly used operator and can be used anywhere in Gopher. Examples:
1) Need everyone in a particular area code? Typing 310* in Home Phone will find all records with a home phone number in the 310 area code.
2) Unsure of a name spelling?  Typing Sm* in Last Name will find all records with the last name starting ‘Sm’ (i.e. Smith, Smiley, Small),
3) Need to find someone with a keyword?  Typing *TAX* in the Keywords box will find all records with a keyword of TAX (typing just TAX in the keywords box will show those records with ONLY the word TAX as a keyword). If you double click in the keyword field to bring up your keyword dictionary during a search, Gopher will automatically put in the wildcards for you!
4) Need to find more than one keyword?  Typing *TAX*FINANCIAL* in the Keywords box will find all records with the keyword TAX and the keyword FINANCIAL.
5) Need to find only people with an email address for that big mailing?  Typing * in any field (like the email field) by itself will return only records where something exists in that field. 

Range Query ‘[ ]’ and ‘:’
The Range query operators can be used to find a group of records within a range.  Examples:
1) Need to find a range of names?  Typing [A-C]* in Last Name will find last names beginning A, B or C.
2) Need to find a number or date range?  Typing 25000:50000 in the Salary field will find salaries from $25,000 thru $50,000. Typing 01/01/09:12/31/09 in Record Date will find profile records dated in 2009.

Null Value Query ‘=’
The = operator can be used to find all records that have an empty value in a text field.  Example:
Need to find all records without an email address?  Typing = in the Email field will find everyone with a blank email address. This operator only applies to text fields.

Or Query ‘^’
If you would like to perform an ‘or’ query, use the ^ operator. Example:
1) Need to find someone with either one keyword or another?  Typing *JAVA^SQL* in Keywords will find everyone with JAVA or SQL experience.
2) Need to fine everyone that is either in Virginia or North Carolina?  Typing VA^NC in the State field will find everyone with an address in either state.

Less Than, Greater Than, Less Than or Equal to, Greater Than or Equal to ‘<, >, <=, >=’
For numeric fields, you can find any values based on any of the following operators:
< Less Than
> Greater Than
<= Less Than/Equal To
>= Greater Than/Equal To

Not Equal To '<>'
If you want to exclude a value from your search, use the <> operator.  Examples:
1) Need to find all profiles except those with X as a status?  Type <>X in the status field.
2) Need to find all applicants except those in California?  Type <>CA in the state field.

Whole Word Only ‘* *’
If you would like to perform a search for a word and you would like to include only entire words found, use the wildcard and spaces around your search term like this: * word * (there is a space before and after the word).  Example:
Need to find all resumes that contain ER?  If you did the search like this *ER*, any time the characters 'er' are found together, they will be in your results (e.g. brother, manager, recruiter, owner).  However, typing * ER * will include only those resumes containing the entire word ER.

Combined Profile and Resume Search
When the Find button is clicked on the Profile tab, the right keyword box changes to a box titled ‘AND resume contains’. This enables you to perform a combined search on both the Profile and Resume tabs. For example, if you would like to find all Harvard MBA’s with International Finance experience, you could enter the criteria *INTERNATIONAL*FINANCE* in the Profile keywords box, select MBA from the Education codes on the Profile tab and type *Harvard* in the ‘AND resume contains’ box. Note: You can turn the ‘AND resume contains’ search to an ‘OR resume contains’ search by double clicking in the box.

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