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Using the folder view

If you ask “What is the Folder View?” then this news letter is for you.  The Folder View is a special navigation tool used to move around in Gopher via a traditional folder list.  We created it to make it easier for customers to see what is going on across all six Gopher tabs simultaneously.  Gopher is unique in the fact that you can keep 11 tab lists active at the same time! Overwhelming? Not really.  Helpful? Very.  Most systems require you to regroup and 'Go back to Start' if you want to repeat an action.  To prevent you from having to go backwards, each tab in Gopher has two rows above it:  List1 and List2.  The last name of the current person is displayed over each tab for both lists.  This is what I like to describe as a panoramic view of everything that the user has going on in Gopher by just looking across the top of the tabs. Why? Because as a recruiter you usually have about ten things going on at the same time and if you have to keep saying to yourself "lets see now where was I and how do I get back there", then you are wasting your precious recruiting time.

Since we believe in giving you options to help with your work flow and the two list references for any tab might not helpful to everyone, we created the Folder View which provides a complete view of all of your current 11 lists and these lists can be sorted!

The Folder View is displayed in Gopher by selecting 'Options' from the main menu and then clicking 'Show folder view'.  A list icon is displayed for each of the two lists for each Gopher tab.  Clicking the + (plus) or - (minus) sign for each list will expand or contract the list of names.  Each name click will activate the Gopher screen for the related tab and person.  No dragging and dropping, just clicking the name will do it.  Gopher will remember the size and position of the folder list when it or Gopher is closed.

One nice feature of these lists is something that has always been asked by Gopher customers.  How can I get a query list to sort in a different order rather than newest to oldest?  Here is your answer.  Each profile list can be sorted by values shown here on the right.

What about those icons next to the names in the Folder View?  You’ll notice that these icons show up on numerous places in Gopher.  They are designed to give you the quick visual cue about what type of information you are looking at.  In Gopher, an applicant is depicted with a brown icon with red dots (they are actually little hearts because we know you love your applicants) and clients are depicted with a green icon with $ signs (because they are the ones that pay you).  Gopher intermixes clients and applicants so it is an important 'at a glance' distinction.


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