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Recently we read a Monster statistic that turnover in the recruiting industry is at 43%. Shocking! One would think that being recruiters, our easiest placement is the one we make in our own organization. After all, who knows more about what a good "fit" a person is than a professional who places people all the time? Who knows the job you are recruiting for better than you since you are recruiting for the job you do now? Clearly that's not the case. We see recruiters come and go from recruiting firms rather hastily - some in just days or weeks after being hired. If your clients knew how bad you were at hiring for yourself, would they hire you?

But why are recruiters so bad at hiring for their own organization? The fact of the matter is recruiters don't know how to actually recruit. There - we said it. Sure you know how to source for a position and you know how to prep a candidate for an interview and give them the old atta boy when they get the job. But beyond the hire we are not used to living with the consequences of our hiring decisions and indeed we are never making those hiring decisions or actually "recruiting" for our clients.

So how can we turn our knowledge about recruiting into a successful tool for building a powerful and successful recruiting team? It falls into two key areas: making good hires and retaining those good people long term.

The key to successfully hiring for your own business is don't deviate from your process just because you're hiring for yourself. Treat yourself like your best client. Analyze the position you're hiring for to make sure your pay is in line with the talent you're trying to hire. What competencies are required? What makes your existing recruiters in your business successful? Brush up on your interviewing skills - remember to talk less and listen more. Don't go off of gut feel! Liking someone doesn't mean that they can do the job. Remember attitude can't be taught but the business of recruiting can. Here are some other good self recruiting tips.

Once you get that great new recruit in the door, it's time to look at your internal processes for new hires. Are you setting your new recruiters up for success or failure? Are your goals set on realistic metrics? Are you developing your recruiters sufficiently? Do you understand the importance of motivating your recruiters? Bringing on a new person is a great time to review these internal policies and practices because the cost of hiring is high enough but it gets much higher if you loose a good person after a short period of time. And most of all, remember that your ATS is your best retention tool.

Using Gopher to Boost Your Employee Retention

One of the most powerful tools you have to boost your employee retention is your Gopher database.  Your Gopher database gives new recruiters a running start at being successful because it is full of resources for them to get started with.  Use Gopher as the foundation for your new hire training and you can build confidence in your new recruit plus start tracking their productivity right away.

Here are some of the other ways Gopher can help you train, retrain and retain not only that great new hire but your existing staff as well. Like most things in Gopher, these tools are available to you with just a few clicks.

  Built in self-training resources that can be customized to your organization.
  Built in "how to be a recruiter" resources that can be customized to your organization.
  Built in metrics to help your recruiters focus on the work that makes placements happen.
  Unlimited training by people who have a feel for the recruiting process rather than just knowing how      to just work a gadget.
  Built in interview prep checklist.
  Built in debriefing checklist.
  Extensive 5 star recruiting tips.
  These newsletters!  Check out the links above to previous versions for lots of great Gopher and      recruiting information.  Also did you know these newsletters are produced directly from Gopher? 
  Built in aids for writing good job descriptions.
  Recruiter to recruiter "hot line" - the Gopher planner can instantly connect two or more recruiters on      the same job or applicant with all the relevant data.
  Job and candidate target lists that show you in one window all the activities done on a job.
  And so much more! Contact your Gopher Support Team for details about these or any other Gopher      features and we are happy to help.

See next month's issue for more great recruiting news and Gopher tips

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