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Before we continue with Gopher's many options as promised, we thought we'd take this opportunity to explain an underutilized and sometimes misunderstood part of the Gopher interface - the Gopher Side Bar.  Watch for more options in next month's newsletter.

Go4SideBarThe Gopher Side Bar is a ginormous shortcut that graphically shows you everything your Gopher Database knows about the current person you are looking at no matter which tab you are on. Yes, ginormous is now a word in the dictionary and perfectly describes how big this toolbar is not only in size but in functionality.

Why? Because BlackDog tries very hard to live up to our mantra that 'Gopher is a One Page Tool' for recruiters.  Why is a one page system such a big deal?  Because it means less navigating - slide down, scroll left, click this menu and select this, etc. In our experience, with programs that use that kind of navigation, by the time you get through all the different screens and scrolls, you have probably forgotten what you were doing in the first place.

This looks awfully busy, you say? So does an iPad if you never seen one!  This side bar is one of the reasons that Gopher can display 50% more data on a single screen than most vendors.  Most vendors display more icons than useful data about a person.  If you like to work rather than play then a data-rich Gopher is the App for you.

The Side Bar is unique in that it follows you wherever you go in Gopher and displays the scoreboard on the current candidate or client without asking.  It is yet another way to navigate through Gopher quickly and effectively with minimal clicks.  If it is tab related, clicking the side bar icon will always take you to that tab and show you that person's data on List 2. Need a refresher on List 1 and List 2?  Click here.

What will clicking these Gopher Side Bar icons do for you? Improve your recruiting speed!

 Shows how many action items are scheduled for this person on the Planner/Dashboard by any recruiter in your firm and clicking it will show you each event and the recruiter(s) connected to the action item.

Go4SideBarProfile  Shows the number of profiles for this person.  In Gopher a person can have two profiles - a client profile and an applicant profile.

SideBarResume  Shows the number of resumes for a person.  Candidates often have multiple resume versions.

Go4ShortCutMemo  Shows the number of memos for the person.  Memos for contacts contain long emails, biographies, written articles and other miscellaneous documents connected to this person.

Go4SideBarProfile  Shows the number of job orders provided by this person as a client.

Go4SideBarTracking  Shows how many times this person's resume has been sent to clients.

Go4SideBarSnapShotCompany  Shows a snapshot description of this client's or applicant's current company.  This information will always show you all known contacts at this company and optionally can include company information, directions, demographics, or all notes for everyone at this company.

Go4SideBarSnapShotPerson  Shows a snapshot description of this person's background.  Can contain pictures, videos, summaries, taxonomies, etc. and does contain work history.  Can also be a place to add additional notes for a person.

Go4SideBarLinks  Shows all the links both on hard drives and to the internet including their LinkedIn Profile as well as LinkedIn connecting profiles.

Go4SideBarWorkHistory  Shows all known companies where this person has worked.

Go4SidebarTargets  If viewed on the Profile tab, shows all jobs this candidate has been targeted for and if viewed from the Jobs tab, shows all candidates for this client's job.  All of this is single data entry or Gopher generated.

Go4SideBarNotes  This icon is not on the sidebar but is shown next to it because it does not have to be clicked.  It marks the beginning of all this person's notes without any clicking or navigating. Notes include all emails, calls, send outs and meetings with this person and display on every tab.

See next month's issue for "Options and More Options - Part 3"

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