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List1 and List2 - What and Why?

Gopher's twin lists give you interruption protection.

In a perfect world, you could power call all day but recruiters have to take incoming calls especially if they are clients or hiring managers (well most hiring managers anyway).  Recruiters also need to respond to questions from other recruiters about candidates and clients.  These interruptions, though necessary, make you lose focus and cost time from your work flow.  We know from our own experience that recruiters often go home at the end of the day thinking "I didn't get anything done today. Why?"  The answer lies in interruptions.  Interruptions cost time in themselves but they also dissipate your energy and make it hard to get on track again - just when you were on a roll!

Gopher's List1 and List2 protect against interruption agents and help boost productivity. Take this scenario as an example:

  • Left Click to profile tab and search people you need for a job. A long list of a 100 candidates come up.  Left clicks put you on List1.
  • Reviewing the candidates you are on candidate 78 and on a roll.
  • A client calls and wants to talk to you about a new job order. Of course you take the call and you do a thorough job of taking down all the information you need - right now - because you may not be able to reach the client again for weeks and you have to write a good job order!  (See below for job order writing tips.) The time is now and you're on the phone for 45 minutes.
  • It's been two hours before you can get back to what you were doing.  Of course you had to use Gopher to record the new job, take notes and perhaps even post the job.  Have you lost all your work before you took the call?  No, because if you are using Gopher correctly, just click the top name above the profile tab (List 1) and you are right back to where you left off on candidate 78 of 100. Contact us if you don't how to use the lists in Gopher to boost your productivity!

In continuing with our theme of the last couple months, here are some more great resources to help you write better job orders:

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