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Hot Lists - Core Gopher Architecture

If you are not using Hot Lists in Gopher then you are missing out on one of the key components that can help you with your recruiting! In Gopher, Hot Lists are often referred to as "find lists" because they are created using the Find/Search method in Gopher.

One of the core advantages to Gopher is the built-in extensive search capability and the advantage to Hot Lists is the ability to save and retrieve your search results at any time.  You can use any visible field on any one of the six Gopher tabs to create a search in Gopher.  There are no wasteful additional search screens to wade through to get your results.  What this means is that no data that goes into Gopher is ever wasted!  If it's in Gopher, you can use it to search, filter or sort your information to get to the core of what you are looking for.  But this only the beginning! All recruiters in your firm can have access to the same clients and applicants in the groups they want, when and how they want in real time up-to-date Hot Lists.  Gopher is an infinite listing engine of your entire database in any way that is useful to you for your business. 

  Remember! Any tab can be used to create a Hot List. Below is an overview but more details on Gopher Hot Lists/Find Lists can be found in our award winning Gopher help system.

Creating a Hot List is easy.  To create a search and get your results simply click to the tab where you want to find information, click the find (looking glass) icon, input what you want to find in the field where the data exists and click the Do It button.  Once you are satisfied that these records are the ones you want to track and be constantly aware of, click the list button on the right end of the tool bar. 

This list example was made by the recruiter Ann who wants to keep track of her applicants that have a Finance background.  How did she make this list?  She went to the profile tab, clicked the find icon entered her name in the owner box and selected finance from the keyword box, clicked the Do It button (check mark) and the profile tab returned five records.

Ann turned the records found into a Hot List by clicking the far right button on the tool bar.  The yellow highlights above show that she has elected to save this Hot list into a Group/Folder named 'Ann Applicants' as a list named 'Finance'.  She clicked the file menu on this Hot List and saved it.

This graphic to the right shows the Gopher menu for Hot lists being clicked to return Ann's Hot List of Finance applicants.  Here are just some of the things you can do with these lists:

  • Ann can import a new resume with the word finance in it and this person will automatically appear on her 'Finance' Hot List (dynamic listing).
  • Ann can email to all these finance people with ONE click.
  • Ann can drop these finance people on a job order.
  • Ann can sort this list.
  • Ann can drop these people on a bookmark list.
  • Ann can email the resumes of these finance people to a hiring source with ONE click.
  • Ann can drag any name on the list to any Gopher tab and see the details of this person on the tab.

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