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Import menu options

 Have you ever noticed that on the Gopher import menu there are 7 methods of importing resumes? Why so many? Because importing resumes can come from multiple sources and recruiters need options on how they want to handle defaults, duplicates, errors and job associations. All these options are available in Gopher. This news letter will cover the finer points of four import methods; pasted resume, selected list, edit, and text file.

All these methods have built in features to provide the recruiter with options to edit the profile before the person is added to Gopher, deal with possible duplicates, change and assign default values to profile fields and associate applicants to jobs.

Note 1: Default values assigned on the import screen from any import method apply to all future imports until the values are changed via another import.

Note 2: Imports can also be affected with the options set in the "Planner/Dashboard" menu. Action entries for each resume imported can be turned on or off from this menu. Also an alert that this person already has an action entry can be turned on or off from this menu.

Note 3: The "Options" menu allows you to alter imports with the Pre-Edit Resume import, change methods for duplicate checking and scrub company names on import to eliminate ambiguities.

Note 4: All of these import methods have the menu option "View position(s) for import selections". If selections are made the target list of the selected jobs will include this person after the resume is imported.

Note 5: These import methods can be used to build profiles from non-documents and can be used to import client profiles as well as applicant profiles.

Import via pasted resume

This option gives the recruiter the easiest and most obvious way to import a resume. Select the contents from a Word document, a web page, etc., click this menu option and the import form appears.  On the bottom left the button "Paste resume to text box" appears. Click this button and the resume you selected gets inserted into the big white space above including any graphics. The graphical form you see will be saved as an attachment to this resume.

Import via selected list

Primarily a batch method of importing resumes by selecting multiple resumes from a list of resumes shown to the far left of the form. Because of the TalentHook integration recruiters can make multiple selections by file date. This import method can be altered by the pre-edit and duplicate name checking options.

Import via edit

This import method is identical to importing a pasted resume but allows you to pre-select a list of resumes to import rather than importing them one at a time.

Import via text file

This is our "Plan B" option if you do not have a 'Parsing License key' or if your Sovren parser or internet connection is down and you 'MUST' get this resume to a client. There are more import steps but all the matching, keyword and resume submission features will function. Please contact BlackDog Support for details on using this method.


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