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A great recruiter is a resource that no job seeker should be without. As recruiters we all know that but how can we convince candidates who have the infinite power of the internet as their resource that we can help them in ways that a self-service job search can't? The hardest kind of objection to overcome from a candidate is the one where they say they don't need you. It cuts to the core of the recruiter's soul and always makes us re-evaluate whether we are in the right line of work. We are!

We know that a candidate job seeking on their own is like going into court and representing yourself. Neither are a good idea. Recruiters have specialized skills, resources and networks that make finding, vetting and placing talent a much more efficient process. You also have the trust of the client that makes your introduction of a candidate far more valuable than if they introduce themselves. With an estimated 70% of all open jobs never advertised, you are in the driver's seat for getting that candidate placed. But how can you convince high caliber talent that you can place him/her?

The first strategy is to get the conversation going and get to the bottom of the belief system or current situation that makes them think they don't need you. Did they have a bad experience with a recruiter? Do they believe that recruiters have a negative reputation? With articles like this out on the internet, it's not surprising! Always be prepared to overcome all of the negative publicity that recruiting gets. Ask your prospect their opinion of recruiters and really listen to their answers. Let them give you advice on how to be the recruiter they want and then use that to sell them. Above all, don't forget that you have enhanced people's lives by finding them better and/or more lucrative positions. This is why we are in this work to begin with and it can be your biggest positive selling feature to prospective candidates.

Are they happy in their current position? Great! Happy candidates are usually the best performers and the kind of passive candidates you want to keep in your corner. Find out what about their job makes them happy, take good notes and ask for referrals. You want to make sure you are touching base with that top talent often so that when their happiness wears off you are the first one that they call. Even if they don't need you right now, they will eventually.

Is the job you're pitching to them not right because of salary, location, company, type of work or some other tangible reason and they think that they can find their ideal job on their own? Get them to give you their ideal job specs and let them know that you cover the area that they specialize in and will be on the lookout for that perfect position for them. Don't forget to tout the fact that those 70% of jobs that are not advertised are the ones that you have access to as a recruiter. Consider teaming up with other recruiters that do have the perfect position for that high quality candidate because a split commission is better than no commission at all.

More Ways to Get and Keep Candidates Interested in Working with You

  Offer free career seminars to candidates in your area or webinars if you have a specific niche that is not geographic. Be sure to make your content unique and a valuable use of their time by giving them resume writing tips, interview tips or other tools that will make them great candidates to work with. By getting in front of people and showing them you have the knowledge and experience to get them their dream job, you can turn those passive candidates into active ones.

  Use your website to not only attract candidates but to deliver job seeking tips and tricks. Many recruiters' websites are geared towards attracting clients and collecting candidate resumes but not much more. Sure an active candidate will keep watching your site for job postings, but that passive candidate needs more than that to come back to your website. Consider splitting the two functions into two different websites (one for clients, one for candidates) where you can really focus each site to your target audience. Don't forget that Search Engine Optimization to help your website gain in the Google rankings so you show up when someone searches for keywords that are relevant to your organization.

  Use the tools in Gopher to reach out to existing contacts for referrals via email and track that activity. We can't stress enough how important it is that you are recording how and how often you are touching base with your candidate and client pool. Check out our previous newsletters about how to get your recruiting emails read.

   Use the tips and resources from Gopher that have been assembled from years of recruiting experience. Did you know that Gopher has built in recruiting training to help you actually recruit? From the top toolbar in Gopher, go to Tips and check out the myriad tools right at your fingertips. Everything from overcoming objections to getting the offer is covered as well as quick links to the latest recruiting news. You can even add your own internal company docs to this menu to make it more worthwhile. For more information or questions about this or any other features in Gopher, contact your Gopher Support team.

See next month's issue for more great recruiting news and Gopher tips

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